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We help companies to have both an organizational as well as a technical structure that allows for speed and agility in e-commerce

Flexibility and Speed

 Create the e-commerce platform of the future with the most flexible, cloud-based commerce solution on the market. We've prepared a series of templates and multiple tools that work seamlessly together, giving you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry and reduced time to market.

Organizational Agility

Don't waste time when confronted with important decisions. We use the synergy between processes, software architecture and team organization. Microservices decouple the software to such an extent that communication between teams is simplified and processes can be coordinated much more easily.

Secure Data Exchange

Equip yourself for future developments with an interface to your company data. APIs guarantee a secure exchange of information. As a cloud solution with a flexible API at its core, you also benefit from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for e-commerce by design.

"ABB has been a customer since 2006 and has come to know Aioma as an uncomplicated and reliable partner. The business processes were accelerated and the data quality increased, which significantly reduced the process costs."

Ph. Daeppen

DMPC BU IS Manager ABB Switzerland Ltd.

"Thanks to Aioma's innovative approach, customers can also experience Jelmoli as a host online. The downloads of the app have been significantly increased and the number of visitors to the website is growing steadily."

M. Monsch

Head of Marketing & Communication, Jelmoli - The House of Brands

Technical Features

Connect all frontends and applications, scale indefinitely and benefit from the world's fastest time-to-market for your business needs.


Headless E-Commerce

Our headless e-commerce platform separates frontend and backend functionality. This enables you to create e-commerce experiences for all digital touchpoints and reach your customers via classic web shops, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), smart speakers, social networks and many other channels. Bring your webshop online in no time.


Microservices & API

New architectural principles enable companies to benefit from the individuality of custom solution and at the same time from the risk minimization and lower costs of standard software. With our modular architecture, you can flexibly create new services for your customers, iterate quickly and scale new business models globally. 


Connection of legacy systems

Internal silos and legacy systems stand in the way of digital innovation and growth. Connect the Microservices architecture to your legacy monsters after testing the business application in the real world.


Implementation-oriented e-commerce consulting

Before a robust technological decision can be made for an upcoming IT project and a concrete process model derived from it, a number of important questions must be clarified in advance. We help companies to create an organizational structure so that they can act quickly and flexibly. We support e-commerce beginners and conquerors.

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Development of e-commerce platforms

Digitization requires that your business can quickly leverage key e-commerce capabilities. We develop online shops, product platforms, marketplaces and other transaction-oriented applications. All based on standard technologies. We go beyond standard features such as sophisticated product presentation, online payments, customer retention and after-sales.

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Team leaders

We bring years of e-commerce experience on board.


Marc Gasser

Marc studied Business & Informatics at the Uppsala University in Sweden and the University of Zurich. He has been working in e-commerce for over 15 years.


Urs Hammer

Urs, MSc in International Management, studied in Lucerne, Paris and Shanghai. He is an experienced Project Manager and an expert in the global e-commerce landscape.


Andraž Jalovec

Andraž is leading the team for eZ Platform development and is very experienced in E-Commerce development in PHP/MySql, technical project lead and planning.


Raffaele Sandrini

Raffaele has deep knowledge in e-commerce architecture and system integration. He holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich with focus on Software Engineering.


E-Commerce News

Our weekly news about e-commerce in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

E-Commerce Report Schweiz 2019

Es ist gerade E-Commerce-Report-Saison. Soeben haben Datatrans und die Ecommerce Foundation ihre E-Commerce Reports über die Schweiz veröffentlicht.

Europäischer E-Commerce Report 2019

Der European Ecommerce Report 2019 hat soeben einen ausführlichen Bericht veröffentlicht, welcher den Stand von E-Commerce in Europa untersucht und

This Week in E-Commerce: Schweizer Firmen haben Nachholbedarf im E-Commerce

Von der Digitalisierung ist in fast allen Unternehmen die Rede. Doch wie sich die eigenen Geschäftsprozesse ins Digitale übertragen lassen, wissen

This Week in E-Commerce: E-Commerce Boom in Frankreich, Microspot als Warenhaus und Amazon vermisst unsere Körpergrösse

E-Commerce Boom in Frankreich In unserem Nachbarland werden Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) bereits zu 7.1% über E-Commerce Kanäle vertrieben. Dies

Zahlen und Fakten zu Mobile Commerce 2019 (Schweiz, Europa und Welt)

Bis 2021 sollen hierzulande gut die Hälfte des E-Commerce-Umsatzes auf den mobilen E-Commerce-Umsatz entfallen. Eine Sammlung von Quellen, Zahlen und

This Week in E-Commerce: B2B-E-Commerce als Katalysator für digitale Transformation, Online-Handel wächst im Q1

B2B-E-Commerce als Katalysator für digitale Transformation Hersteller, Distributoren und Grosshändler investieren immer mehr Zeit, Geld und


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