B2B Marketing Automation

More qualified leads through B2B marketing automation

Generating qualified B2B leads has never been easier. Our AI-powered autopilot does the work for you!

Aioma App

Used in successful B2B manufacturing industries

The challenge

Poor lead data quality and sluggish software monsters eat up vast amounts of money

Barely measurable success in marketing and lead management flying blind leads to inefficiently used resources. Act now and stop losing money unnecessarily.

Our solution

Take off with the right online marketing strategy

Discover what's possible when you unify your marketing activities on one platform. Schedule and publish content to the right channels at the right time, and track the most effective content and the most exciting leads in real time. Use machine learning for better qualified leads.

Best-practice checklists

Including initial help for the individual online marketing strategy in B2B - relevant topics, in the right place for the right target group.

Fully set up marketing platform

Content creation, import of contacts and integration into the existing website - ready for the first launch and fit for the planned flight route.

More reach in online marketing

After reaching altitude, the autopilot takes over - systematic distribution of content across all online channels.

Reaching the customer at the right moment

The autopilot actively guides leads along the customer journey - keeping the lead on track with relevant content at every stage.


More sales through better marketing

We help small B2B marketing & sales teams achieve great things - with our software and support every step of the way.

Data-driven B2B marketing

Aioma identifies potential buyers and provides them with relevant content at the right time.

Time saving through best-practice templates

We support you with your content strategy & implementation. Best-practice templates and content creation by subscription.

360° Customer profiles

Identify in real time which products and topics really interest your potential customers and decide who to target.

Our promise

Turn suitable leads into customers

Acquire B2B leads and lead them to a sales conversation in an automated way - with the help of cross-channel content marketing along the customer journey.

See how it works

Sustainable customer enthusiasm

Delight new and existing customers

Don't send your leads and customers down the wrong path of a predefined customer journey. Inspire your contacts again and again - for more love for your product.


Better with Aioma

"Business processes have been accelerated together with Aioma and data quality has been increased, significantly reducing process costs"

"2-times silver in the categories Business & Marketing and 2-times bronze in the categories Innovation & Usability "for the first prototype of Aioma"

"It has never been so easy to use a software. The content management is very intuitive and requires no training."

"60,000 contacts in one year!"

"We have already achieved the return on investment in 6 months after the launch. It was worth it even though Aioma was not the lowest cost provider."

"Aioma has doubled conversion from online visitors to paying customers."

B2B Marketing Automation Software

What’s in the box

A comprehensive B2B marketing solution - including content strategy and content writing - customized for your company. According to the best practices of tomorrow and optimized by machine learning.

To the product tour

Content Hub

More traffic and best-practice lead management. Being found by potential customers via search engines.

Customer Profiles

Every interaction along the customer journey. All insights on topic and product interests.

Content Distribution

Continuous, automated communication through personalized newsletters and search engine marketing.

Taking off with Aioma

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