Qualified leads and delighted customers

The autopilot for B2B Lead Management

Generate leads, acquire new and retain existing customers - increase your efficiency in B2B marketing with a goal-oriented strategy for content marketing, customer journey marketing and marketing automation.

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More than just lead management software

An intelligent software and a target-oriented content strategy - developed for the marketing of products requiring intensive consultation.

More Leads and more Customers

Drive leads to success

Accompany your prospects and existing customers via their personal Customer Journey. Lead the contacts to your products. The innovative content marketing approach leads your prospects to their goal.


Efficient implementation

Anyone who deals with the wide range of measures for online marketing will notice that the number of marketing and communication channels to be managed is growing exponentially. The software takes care of your most important tasks.


Switch to Autopilot

Communicate automatically and in a personalized way with leads and existing customers. The autopilot is the inner core of the software, which controls all processes, learns and works for you faster and faster.

Getting leads and retain customers becomes increasingly competitive

In the fast developing digital world - it is becoming more and more competitive and expensive to reach relevant leads and customers.


Not seeing a ROI?

The decision to buy products in B2B is carefully considered. As long as search engines exist and other companies are in competition, paid channels will continue to become more expensive. Don't you see results of your evergrowing costs?


Inefficient and slow?

With the presence on all relevant online channels an incredible amount of work is involved. Even after 6 - 18 months of work the organic traffic is still the same or even decreased? Your content marketing is progressing only slowly?


Internal resistance?

In an increasingly complex online marketing environment and with a trend towards more tools and channels, new marketing potential and niches are constantly being conjured up. Do you encounter resistance and have enough impact?

We simplify the implementation of the B2B online marketing strategy

Content marketing, customer journey marketing and marketing automation: structured, efficient and with measurable results.

3 Steps to Take-off

Planning and implementation of the content strategy. GoLive of the platform and off you go with collecting customer data.

Checkin: The Content Strategy

Onboarding: the implementation of the content strategy

Take-off: the GoLive and preparation for the autopilot

Our flight guarantee

Get to know us - Check without obligation

In the first workshop we will present the content strategy for your products. During the check-up we analyse products, content and all relevant criteria - concrete tips for optimisation for sustainable success.

More than just software - our crew

We will help you with all tasks that you do not want to implement internally. From content writing to the configuration of marketing automation workflows.

Customers and leads automatically segmented

Analyze immediately after the take-off which content and products or product categories make a difference - segment your customers and leads according to interest in products.


For effective content promotion and reach, your content must be present on all types of media: paid, owned shared, earned media.

"Aioma was not only able to smoothly link the different production sites and product areas, but also developed the project further than I had imagined with numerous constructive and innovative ideas."

Dr. C. Broglie

CEO, FUJIFILM Switzerland AG

"We value Aioma as an expert and quality-oriented partner who understands our digital challenges as a Swiss hotel, restaurant and bakery company and actively supports us in our efforts."

R. Scherrer

ZFV, Team leader marketing projects & digital

"ABB has been a customer since 2006 and has come to know Aioma as an uncomplicated and reliable partner. The business processes were accelerated and the data quality increased, which significantly reduced the process costs."

Ph. Däppen

DMPC BU IS Manager ABB Switzerland Ltd.

"Thanks to Aioma's innovative approach, customers can also experience Jelmoli as a host online. The downloads of the app have been significantly increased and the number of visitors to the website is growing steadily."

M. Monsch

Head of Marketing & Communication, Jelmoli – The House of Brands

You are overtaken by your competition

Competition for the top positions in search results on Google, in the customer's mailbox and on social media platforms is fierce - even for niche markets. As a marketer, take advantage of your competitive situation before you are overtaken by the competition.


Ready for Autopilot

Start the Lead Generation Engie- the most efficient way to lead prospects and existing customers to your products along the Customer Journey.

And everything is on autopilot.

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