B2B Marketing Automation

More Leads Through Automated B2B Marketing

Aioma Software publishes your marketing articles via online magazine, newsletter and social media. Content creation is included. Aioma automates your B2B marketing enabling new customer acquisition.

Used in successful B2B manufacturing industries

Your Challenge

Receive Qualified Leads Continuously

The sales and marketing teams lack the time and resources to regularly approach potential new customers to determine their readiness to buy. That's why we developed Aioma.
Your Benefits

Increase your sales sustainably and reach your full marketing potential

Build your thought leadership in B2B sustainably. With Aioma you get everything you need to continuously attract the right customers.

Potential buyers are identified and provided with relevant content at the right time. Content production included.

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Your Website as an Information Hub

Attract more visitors to your website and convert new B2B customers. Aioma creates new content for you so you have everything you need to continuously engage your contacts.

Create Value & Trust

Potential customers automatically receive your marketing content via email and social media. Position yourself as an opinion leader when the whole world goes digital.

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Close more Deals

Aioma reveals which topics and products interest potential customers and determines which B2B leads are ready to be addressed directly by your sales team.

Our Promise

Measurable B2B Marketing for Faster Growth

Attract B2B leads and lead them to a buying conversation in an automated way. How? Potential buyers are identified and provided with relevant content at the right time by our Aioma Autopilot.

So you can only care about the important tasks - closing deals.
That's B2B marketing on autopilot.

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Sustainable Customer Enthusiasm

Make Relevant Interest of Contacts Visible

Automatically deliver the right content to the decision makers in your target audience. Moreover, do it at a time when they are ready to engage with your products or use your services.
What to expect

Online Marketing with Impact

Our clients continuously generate qualified leads through fully automated and personalized content and email marketing and have been able to increase their growth.

"Business processes have been accelerated together with Aioma and data quality has been increased, significantly reducing process costs."


"Our B2B digital sales channel was taking off slowly. With Aioma, we have found a solution that has automated many tedious tasks and brought us up to speed quickly. "


"We have already achieved the return on investment in 6 months after the launch. It was worth it even though Aioma was not the lowest cost provider."


"The Aioma solution is a great help! Content management is very intuitive and requires no training."


"With Aioma we were able to build a solid foundation for our marketing and sales process in a short period of time, without a marketing department."


"60,000 contacts in one year!"


"Aioma has doubled conversion from online visitors to paying customers."

"2-times silver in the categories Business & Marketing and 2-times bronze in the categories Innovation & Usability "for the first prototype" of Aioma"

B2B Marketing Automation Software

What do I receive with Aioma?

A holistic B2B marketing solution, depending on the price model including the creation of new articles or whitepapers by professional authors. According to tomorrow's best practices and optimized by machine learning.
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Create and Manage Content

Attract more visitors with and convert new customers.

Smart Email and Social Media Marketing

Automated communication through personalized newsletters and clever social media marketing.

Automatically Created Customer Profiles

Every interaction of the leads becomes visible to you. You gain knowledge about the interests of your potential customers.

Taking off with Aioma

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Taking off with Aioma