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AI-powered B2B Lead Nurturing

Aioma analyzes the behavior of your contacts, determines relevant content and automatically creates tailor-made lead nurturing. As a result, you achieve unprecedented efficiency in your marketing and sales process.

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What you get with Aioma

Aioma Software

Behavior based segmentation of your leads by machine learning

Content as a Service

One Click Content Shop to get the most relevant content

Aioma Academy

A dedicated learning platform with step by step guidance


AI-based lead nurturing for small marketing teams

Do you want to tap the potential of your contacts and accelerate your marketing process?
Are you ready for a new era in B2B marketing?

Use lead nurturing on autopilot

Nurture your leads with personalized recommendations that people love to read.

AI-assisted content creation for visibility to your target group

Customer behavioral segmentation and clear reports

Guiding leads to consultation

Your success is our success

We have made it our goal to ensure that you no longer lose leads due to poor or missing follow-ups.
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"Aioma has doubled conversion of online visitors to paying customers."

"Together with Aioma, business processes have been accelerated and data quality increased, resulting in significant reduction of process costs."

"With Aioma we were able to build a solid foundation for our marketing and sales process in a short period of time, without a marketing department."

"Our digital B2B sales channel was taking off slowly. With Aioma, we found a solution that has automated many tedious tasks and quickly brought us up to speed. "

"The Aioma solution is a great help! The content management is very intuitive and requires no training."

"We have already achieved the return on investment 6 months after the launch. It was worth it even though Aioma was not the lowest cost provider."

How lead nurturing works on autopilot



Define your core topics

Aioma helps you analyze existing website content to establish yourself as an acknowledged leader. Use Aioma’s one-click-content-shop if you have gaps to fill.

Send Hyper-Personalized Recommendations

Upload your contacts and send personalized messages to reactivate your leads.

Automate your Lead Nurturing

Once set up, Aioma analyzes how well your content is performing and learns the behaviour of your leads.

We'll support you

Our Customer Success Team is dedicated to help you achieve the most with the software and will support you throughout your first 100 days. In addition, you'll receive access to the B2B Academy full of sessions and tutorials to fine-tune your craft.

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