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We have one of the most experienced and passionate e-commerce teams in the world.

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E-Commerce Experiences

Whether it's in the online shop, on the website, at the service desk or in the showroom: Nowadays, your customers expect the same user experience at every point of contact with your company. Kitted out with smart phones and wearables, they're able to interact with you at any given time, at any given location. Inspiration and maximum information are the most important factors that come into play before a purchasing decision is made.

We know how to deal with this situation: We connect relevant and existing company information, and guide the customer over the entire customer lifecycle. With the right content, we will lead your customers to the exact products and information they're looking for - at the right time and in the right place. We call this: Everywhere Commerce.

We provide you with the technology, tools and services you need to produce an engaging digital experience. Create content-rich online shops, websites and apps; distribute content and products across a broad variety of channels and in several languages. Manage all your websites and shops via a secure platform.


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An excerpt from our customers

14 years project experience

The conceptualisation, design and development of an e-commerce solution is highly complex. The endless stream of function possibilities that an online shop and its related systems can offer turn all too quickly into a huge challenge.

That's why we've developed an incredibly efficient, data-based approach, by means of which we can achieve better results in a shorter time. Our approach combines and adapts tried-and-tested methods, such as Lean Manufacturing, User Centred Design and Agile Development to create a holistic concept.


We rely on tried-and-tested standard products that can be expanded on an individual basis. In principle, individual solutions are always the preferred choice, but their development is often a question of time and money. We will optimise your time-to-market, costs and benefits, and combine the best elements from the fields of individual development, open source frameworks and standard products using Origammi.commerce, the modular e-commerce platform.


We select our team members very carefully . At Aioma, you'll be greeted by one of the most experienced and passionate e-commerce teams in Europe. Our team performs every task required for the planning and implementation of a successful e-commerce strategy in a competent manner and in a range of disciplines. This includes strategic consulting, conceptualisation and design, development, operation and data management.

Transparent and direct: We'll demonstrate quickly, honestly and directly how we have used your data as a basis for our developments - concisely and free of sales talk (in other words: "No bullshit policy").