Our Approach to Succeed


Research, Requirements

Our aspiration goes beyond just finding the right digital strategy: Markets and technology are changing more rapidly now than ever before. To be successful in such a fast-paced environment, you need the right infrastructure. Origammi develops and evaluates the relevant information. We create a shared understanding of systems, strategy, user groups and the market.

  • A uniform understanding of targets and approach is generated.
  • The systems, interfaces, strategy and business model have been identified and analysed.
  • All information is compiled and examined with the aid of user and market analyses.
  • The e-commerce solution recommendation is clear and comprehensible, providing a rough estimate of costs and timing.


Project Setup, Requirement Specification

The clearer a project is described, the requirements analysis conducted and the target defined, the more efficiently it can be implemented. To this end, we provide a place where all participating parties can exchange, engage and commit to a working relationship with technical experts, analysts, user experience designers and developers. This enables those creating the project to gain the necessary understanding of its requirements.

  • The business, user and market analyses and assessments are documented and completed.
  • The detailed requirements analysis, including prioritisation, is generated.



Conceptual Design, Visual Design, User Testing

The actual design process is executed in several steps. With each step, we substantiate and refine the user experience (UX) and the design. This makes users flows, sitemaps, wireframes and the resulting interactive prototype more detailed; the prototype is then tested and developed. From that, we derive the visual specifications before the design of the actual end product finally emerges.

  • User needs, user flow, sitemap, wireframe, design prototype, visual design
  • You can click on the tried-and-tested user interface as a prototype.


Development Sprints, Testing

We rely on agile methods to efficiently organise our work, which is why we document the project progress in real time. We prioritise functions and divide them into work packages. These are implemented in regular sprints and then prioritised once again.

  • Implemented front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Loading time-optimised and SEO-friendly code
  • Integrated back-end: Access to administrative environment
  • The software is developed, installed on the production server, and the interfaces are implemented


Performance Measurement, Optimization, Features

The final step is the live launch of the product and its optimisation until every detail is absolutely perfect. Through the use of user tests, mobile and web analytics, detailed data collection and SEO, the project is guaranteed to be a success.

  • Service Level Agreement is in place
  • Regular optimisations are carried out based on new empirical values and the data collected
  • Software is live and support team is the new single point of contact 

Agile Project Management

Our approach combines and adapts proven methods such as Lean Manufacturing, User Centered Design and Agile Development to a holistic approach.


No process is perfect, we are always working on the further development of our approach.

Data driven

Gut decisions are good, but data-based decisions are more effective.

We've developed an incredibly efficient, data-based approach, by means of which we can achieve better results in a shorter time. Our approach combines and adapts tried-and-tested methods, such as Lean Manufacturing, User Centred Design and Agile Development to create a holistic concept.


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