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At Aioma, you'll be greeted by one of the most experienced and passionate e-commerce teams in Europe. Our team performs every task required for the planning and implementation of a successful e-commerce strategy in a competent manner and in a range of disciplines. This includes strategic consulting, conceptualisation and design, development, operation and data management.


Urs Hammer

Urs, MSc in International Management, studied in Lucerne, Paris and Shanghai. He is an experienced Project Manager and an expert in the global e-commerce landscape.


Andraž Jalovec

Andraž is leading the team for eZ Platform development and is very experienced in E-Commerce development in PHP/MySql, technical project lead and planning.


Marc Gasser

Marc studied Business & Informatics at the Uppsala University in Sweden and the University of Zurich. He has been working in e-commerce for over 15 years, and since a teaching stint in Seoul, shares a special affinity for the Internet industry in South Korea, China and Japan.


Raffaele Sandrini

Raffaele holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich with focus on Software Engineering. His master's thesis in the area of modern computer virtualization supported many publications in OS research. Raffaele is also one of the inventors of the Vala language.


Lenart Rudel

Lenart is an experienced full-stack developer and is the architect of our customer data platform (CDP). After graduating as a multimedia engineer, he worked in various positions and in his own company as a Ruby developer.

Board of Directors and Advisory Board

The Board of Directors overview the day to day affairs of the business. They have unique experience in hiring strategies, capitalization, resource allocation and market knowhow. They are helping us to develop and execute our your long-term strategic goal.

Our Advisory Board is a group of high-level executives who are hand-picked for their expert knowledge of the software and business industry.  The board meet to discuss and shape the agenda for Aioma.  Their aim is to encourage professional excellence, share best practices as well as the latest industry developments.


Dr. Kurt A. Lambert

Kurt is an Economist and passionate Entrepreneur with investments and Board participations in a number of early and late stage firms spanning the Investment, FinTech, Healthcare and Consumer Goods sectors. He is Chairman of the Board of RepRisk AG, a global leader in environmental, social and governance risk intelligence as well as Chairman of Aioma AG and a member of the Board of Quantex AG – all companies domiciled in Switzerland. In 1997, he founded Harcourt Investment Consulting AG, which was a pioneer in the Swiss hedge fund industry and managed in excess of USD 5 billion by the end of 2009. He also served during this time as a member of the Advisory Board of the FTSE Hedge Fund Index. Kurt is the Chairman of The Forlam Foundation and was previously Chairman and member of the Board of Trustees of the Africa Foundation UK Trust. In addition, he has served on the Advisory Board of several major initiatives, the most recent being to establish a regional financial institute in the Caribbean. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Lausanne, a MA in Economics from the University of Texas at Austin and a BSc in Mathematics from Hofstra University.


Marc Gasser

Marc founded several web startups, is a member of the board of internet companies, and holds presentations and teaches on E-Commerce and Web Technology. His particular areas of interest include entrepreneurship, e-business models and the mountains of Switzerland. Marc was granted the Philias CSR Award, as well as the semester prize at the University of Zurich for his thesis publication “A Validation of Action Patterns for Project Managers”.


Peter Fanconi

Peter travels between many worlds: He is Chairman ofBlueOrchard Impact, Chairman of Graubündner Kantonalbank GKB, and Vice-Chairman Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. Prior to that, Peter studied law at the University of Zurich and was CEO of Vontobel Private Bank, CEO of Harcourt Investment and member of the Board of Directors of Liechtensteinische Landesbank (LLB). We're happy to have his experience on board of our company at the advisory board of Aioma.


Matthias Alder

Matthias has been working on the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation for 18 years. As a software developer at a start-up in Zug and later at UBS in Zurich, he gained experience in the implementation of e-business applications. He is also a co-founder of Astina.


Philipp Kräutli

Philipp has been working in software development way before co-founding Astina. He also studied business informatics at University of Zurich.

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We select our team members very carefully . Are you interested in joining one of the most experienced and passionate e-commerce teams in Europe? Do you have experience in strategic consulting, conceptualisation and design, development, operation or data management. Are you looking for an opportunity? Check our current job offerings.


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