Active Customer Management

In many B2B companies, a lot of data is collected without it ever being profitably combined and merged into meaningful customer profiles. As a result, countless potential customers are lost and the eagerly collected data remains unused.

Different points of contact on the customer journey

Each contact comes into contact with different touchpoints of a company on his journey to become a customer. These touchpoints can be digital, such as a website, a YouTube video or an e-mail, or they can also take place in the physical world, for example, in the form of a visit to a trade fair, a telephone call with an employee, or a poster or flyer.

Consequently, there is not one customer trip that all your customers take in exactly the same way. Each customer takes an individual route and wants to reach his destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lack of synergies between systems

Many B2B companies are already set up in such a way that they collect customer data in different places and try to merge them profitably in a CRM or similar tool. However, such a set-up stands and falls mostly with the personal commitment of the individual employees and their subjective attention to detail. How reliable the data is, then, usually only becomes apparent during the initial contact by a sales employee.

B2B companies thus lack a neutral data basis on which contacts can be objectively evaluated and qualified. They also lack the ability to combine data from different sources into a uniform profile and thus create real added value.

Through such a fragmentation of customer data, many contacts are initially recorded, but are not subsequently passed on through the customer journey, since the available data simply cannot be passed on to the next instance, be it marketing or sales, in a clean way. As a result, valuable information is lost along the way and potential customers are forgotten.

Active customer management thanks to meaningful customer profiles

In order to efficiently merge customer data from different systems and different phases of the customer journey, central data management is required, e.g. in the form of a Customer Profile.

The Customer Profile has the goal to combine data fragments from different tools to a meaningful profile and to guide the customer actively through the customer journey without the customer ending up in a dead end or being confronted several times with exactly the same contents and questions.

The Customer Profile takes into account the fact that there are many different points of contact on a customer journey, but that each customer moves through certain phases over time. If he is still at the beginning of his journey, his basic need for information is very high. If he gets closer to a purchase decision, comparisons and detailed questions become more and more important. Depending on the phase, different touchpoints and content are required.

Since this customer journey management of individual customers can quickly become very complex, the use of automated processes and intelligent systems is worthwhile. This ensures that no customer is forgotten and that every contact on their journey is filled with content that is relevant to them and helps them move forward on their journey.

We are happy to support you in simplifying your marketing communication with an intelligent customer profile and to guide your customers actively through the customer journey.

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