B2B Marketing Automation

Three phases to sales and marketing automation

With Aioma, your business can automatically get started and take off online in three simple phases. Here is the approach.

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Im Einsatz bei erfolgreichen B2B Produktionsbetrieben

Planning Phase

Obtain a customized marketing blueprint. With Aioma's support you define the goals, products, themes and market you aim to reach. Appropriate keywords and content will boost your marketing blueprint.

Target Audience

Defining the target audience, their challenges and their product solution. Competitive analysis to emphasize your strengths.


Content-Gap-Analysis to optimize your content topics according to your target audience. Keyword gap analysis execution to bring your SEO values to flight level.

Online Channels

Establish blog, social media posts and newsletter templates. Maintain a consistent corporate image.

Execution Phase

Handing over the keys to your ready-made marketing platform. The defined topics and goals are prepared in the form of articles, lead magnets, newsletters and social media posts and added in the Aioma marketing software.

Content Plan Implementation

Content creation based on Content Plan. Content input into Aioma software.

Newsletter Template

Complete newsletter template. Create newsletter mailing plan.

Social Media Post Template

Enrich social channels with new content. Social sequencing plan.

Take Off & Go-Live

Takeoff with the goal of reaching your target audience. Your knowledge portal is now online and your social media channels are on autopilot. You can sit back and enjoy the flight of lead qualifications.

Email & Social Media Autopilot

The created social sequencing plan is executed automatically and accompanies your readers along the customer journey.

Lead Generation

Your readers are provided with valuable content until they decide to subscribe to a newsletter or download a document. This results in automatic lead generation.

Lead Qualification

Your leads are automatically followed up until they are ready to buy. Your sales team can then take over by closing a deal.


Optimize the software for faster target achievement. The goal is to achieve more efficiency and further reach. Therefore, the content is adapted or supplemented as required. With a software training you can do this yourself at any time.

Content Optimization

Add or change articles and lead magnets as required.

Software Training

Obtain the complete autopilot overview. Software training for the team.

Ad Management & Retargeting

Create and optimize ads as needed.

Integration & API

Set up Aioma software interface in CRM.

Lasting Customer Enthusiasm

Retain New Customers in the Long Term

Don't send your website visitors down the wrong path of a predefined customer journey. Inspire your contacts over and over again.

asked questions.

What is the difference to HubSpot?

Aioma is the ideal complement to HubSpot. Aioma is already preconfigured, filled with suitable content. For this purpose, the software manages the HubSpot areas of automation (workflows, sequences) and marketing (email, blog). Relevant content is sent to existing contacts in a targeted manner.

How to integrate Aioma into the existing website?

Using a subdomain e.g. contenthub.yourcompany.com and Google Tag Manager (GTM), Aioma and the theme pages can be integrated into the existing website within minutes. The software was developed from the ground up for integrations with other systems, such as CRM.

Can Aioma send customized newsletter campaigns?

No, Aioma takes care of data-driven newsletters - the creation should use existing content and not require any effort. However, you can use additional campaigns specifically with Mailchimp or another newsletter tool and link them to Aioma.

How can you write content so quickly?

We draw on journalist networks and can thus search for suitable experts from around 6,000 freelance journalists. In addition to technical information, the briefings to the journalists also include details on tone, target group and approach.

How long does it take from the first check-in to the GoLive of the solution?

We usually schedule GoLive within 30 days from the kickoff meeting, but this depends heavily on your resources.

How many resources do I need internally?

Aioma was developed specifically for small marketing teams - so they can achieve great things. Knowledge sharing is hugely important to us. That's why we recommend planning about 4 to 8 working days for workshops and content reviews.

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