Aioma Launches First AI-based Online B2B Marketing Magazine

on 18-Aug-2021 12:00:00 By | Romina Buchle | 0 Comments | Press Release B2B Marketing Online Magazine
The Swiss SaaS company Aioma has launched an online magazine, giving a brand new reading experience using artificial intelligence. Each reader is guided through their own one of a kind journey based on individual tastes detected by AI. In this way, the Swiss company is creating a unique world of knowledge around B2B marketing that is designed to meet the current needs of the user thanks to machine learning.
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Increase efficiency in SME marketing with outsourcing

on 28-Jun-2021 11:56:00 By | Maryam Boghdadi | 0 Comments | Success Story
99.7 percent of companies in Switzerland are SMEs. This raises the question of whether just as many companies have limited finances and resources due to their size and are thus held back from great success. 
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Better Tap into Online Channels

on 30-May-2021 10:01:00 By | Maryam Boghdadi | 0 Comments | Success Story
Like many B2B companies, an international company from the intralogistics sector has also undergone a change of heart as a result of the pandemic. We used to be able to meet the sales team at trade shows to talk to customers and prospects. Suddenly, however, this was no longer possible. The loss of the trade show presence left a big gap in sales. New solutions were needed to address the various target groups and to stay in contact.
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