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E-Commerce News which is worth to mentioned. We monitor the web for you and bring the most interesting stories about e-commerce. Retail e-commerce in China is being shaped by fast growth and innovation, driven by companies such as Alibaba and How does the forecast look like? And five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers. abandons the Swiss market. Next year, small consignments under CHF 65 will also be subject to tax for foreign mail order companies. The US online giant is reacting to the new Swiss VAT law and will block a large part of its product range for Swiss shoppers from 26 December. This does not apply to digital products such as apps and Kindle books, which customers can still order from the US site. no longer delivers to Switzerland - what does this mean for online trading? (Article in German)

The Migros subsidiary Galaxus is massively expanding its fashion range - and wants to use it to gain market share from online giant Zalando. Galaxus currently has around 880 fashion brands on offer. The fashion range is to be expanded to over 250,000 items next year. The comparison: Zalando stocks more than 300,000 articles and over 2000 brands. Galaxus takes on Zalando (Article in German)

In an international comparison of the fields of activity of start-ups, Switzerland shows an independent profile. The share of e-commerce companies and Internet marketplaces is smaller than in other European countries. In addition to its focus on traditionally innovative industries, the Swiss start-up scene has other special features such as broad regional diversity and relatively slow growth. Swiss Startup Radar

Online sales in Switzerland continue to develop positively. According to the Cologne-based EHI Retail Institute, the 250 strongest online shops generated an increase in turnover of 5.7 percent to a total of CHF 7 billion last year. However, growth was largely concentrated on the strongest 10 providers, which generated 46.2 percent of total sales with 3.2 billion CHF. Among the top 250 top-selling shops, it is noticeable that the share of foreign online shops in Switzerland is only just over a quarter, whereas in Austria, on the other hand, almost half come from abroad. These are the top online shops in Switzerland

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Online shopping in Switzerland and abroad is on the rise, with poor payment behaviour. Online shopping abroad is the leader above all in other European countries, followed by China and finally the USA. The payment behaviour for online and mail-order invoices is particularly low: right behind tax payments, the category ranks second last. Only 56 percent always pay their bills within the payment period. Switzerland: Online shopping abroad is on the rise (Article in German)

Retail ecommerce in China is being shaped by fast growth and innovation, driven by companies such as Alibaba and Now these technology companies are applying the same rigor in their quest to transform physical retail spaces. Emarketer forecast total retail sales in China will grow 7.5% to reach $5.636 trillion in 2019. Retail ecommerce sales will grow at a much higher rate of 30.3% to $1.989 trillion, making up 35.3% of total retail sales. This is driven by consumers’ willingness to spend on higher-priced items or better products. China Retail and E-Commerce Forecast

In B2B e-commerce you must focus on your online tactics and technology, bringing in new customers, and keeping the existing ones happy. You also have to maintain an optimal revenue mix of new and repeat customers, to boost business growth and achieve sales goals. We discuss five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers. Improve B2B E-Commerce Sales and Increase Repeat Customers

E-Commerce Is Transforming The Rich And The Rural. Holiday shopping is up almost 20%, according to Adobe Analytics data, which tracks transactions for 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers. As of yesterday, it hit a record $80.3 billion. That's $13 billion more than last year. E-Commerce is Transforming the Rich and the Rural

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