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Create relevance with the personalization of content

on 07-Jul-2020 11:36:09 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Marketing Automation
Modern marketing aims to understand individual customer needs and serve them optimally. But the human brain consistently sorts out irrelevant messages. How do you overcome this hurdle?
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KPI examples for B2B - these are the most important measured values

on 07-Jul-2020 08:00:00 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Marketing Automation
Digitization opens up enormous potential: While analog marketing measures were difficult to measure in terms of efficiency, online marketing can analyze very specific KPIs - without major investments or long-term commitment.
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Business Intelligence with automation: Making well-founded decisions

on 03-Jul-2020 08:00:00 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Marketing Automation
What do marketing automation and business intelligence have to do with each other? Quite a lot. Or: How do you generate the data basis that is suitable as a reliable basis for decision-making? Here are the facts.
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Efficient data management: concentrated feed for marketing automation

on 02-Jul-2020 08:00:00 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Marketing Automation
Customer communication without data - it's like a car without wheels. It goes without saying that not only the amount of data but also the quality of the available information must be of the highest standard if the customer approach via marketing automation is to lead to the desired results. Both, however - data volume and data quality - require professional management systems in order to keep the information available under control at all times and use it in the best possible way.
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Artificial intelligence and marketing automation: the power duo

on 19-Jun-2020 08:00:00 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Marketing Automation
The use of marketing automation is essential for contemporary sales promotion, but at the same time it creates a dilemma of its own. This dilemma can only be solved by using additional methods. The method of choice: Artificial Intelligence. How the two power tools are connected and why one cannot be used effectively without the other, you can find out here.
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The Touchpoints of your Customer Journey

on 11-Jun-2020 16:27:03 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Customer Journey
Of course you know your direct sales channels. But what about points of contact that used to be in the B2B buying process? Do you have a strategy to attract enough traffic and convert the leads you have gained into profitable sales? We are going to show you how to find the most important touchpoints of your customer journey.
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