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M.Sc. in Wirtschaftsinformatik, hat in Schweden und in Zürich studiert. Fokussiert sich seit mehr als 15 Jahren auf E-Business und E-Commerce Modelle im internationalen Handel. Er ist Gründer und Verwaltungsrat von mehreren Technologie-Unternehmen.

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This Week in Commerce: Xmas Shopping, the other side of E-Commerce in China, Galaxus conquers Germany

on 24-Dec-2018 15:08:51 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | E-Commerce Mobile Commerce
Christmas Gifts without hustle and bustle, online shopping? Ordering Christmas gifts from the sofa instead of rushing into the busy malls. That sounds like a peaceful Advent and not the usual pre-Christmas stress. But sometimes appearances are deceptive. O cheerful e-commerce! (DE)
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This Week in Commerce: stops deliveries to Switzerland, E-Commerce China Forecast and Top 10 Online Shops in Switzerland

on 08-Dec-2018 13:50:50 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | News Marktanalyse
E-Commerce News which is worth to mentioned. We monitor the web for you and bring the most interesting stories about e-commerce. Retail e-commerce in China is being shaped by fast growth and innovation, driven by companies such as Alibaba and How does the forecast look like? And five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers.
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When can you expect to see results from your content marketing strategy?

on 01-Nov-2018 21:12:00 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments |
The art of Online-Content-Marketing Slow and study wins the race - even in business. The process of online marketing strategies and the results takes time. It is a path that we can work with you together.
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The future of Mobile Commerce

on 26-Aug-2018 14:27:17 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | Mobile Commerce
This time, an interview with Oliver Stäcker during a short hike to Rigi at 1'800m. Oliver Stäcker, mobile enthusiast, lecturer about mobile marketing and conceptual head of gotomo.
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10 steps to a rapidly growing e-commerce company

on 08-Jun-2017 15:51:43 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | E-Commerce Architektur E-Commerce
E-Commerce has been a runaway success, and it keeps on advancing. This is precisely why the challenges facing companies with regards to strategy, conceptualisation and implementation in the online world must be taken seriously. So, here are ten significant problems and their solutions.
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The paradigm shift for rapidly growing e-commerce companies

on 16-May-2017 07:37:44 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | News E-Commerce Architektur E-Commerce
We're living in a new era Nowadays, speed and flexibility are the most important advantages to have over your competitors: Changing customer demands, the rise of the mobile internet and the increasingly shorter innovation cycles present companies with a real challenge: creating an organisational and technical structure that is both fast and agile.
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