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Stéphanie Eugster

Stéphanie Eugster, MSc Universität ZH, verfügt über mehrjährige nationale und internationale Erfahrung im Bereich Management Consulting, in der Beratung von Geschäftsprozessen, Anforderungsanalysen und in der Leitung von IT-Projekten.

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Origammi is now called Aioma

on 15-Jan-2019 08:00:00 By | Stéphanie Eugster | 0 Comments | News E-Commerce
A new era is starting for us as an e-commerce agency in Zurich. Since 1 January 2019, our company has been operating under the name Aioma AG. Facing changing customer demands, the rise of IoT, AI and ever shorter innovation cycles, companies need to make sure to have both an organizational as well as a technical structure that allows for agility and speed. Despite the allocation of millions of Swiss Francs to digital transformation, organizations are still struggling with aligning technology spend with business outcomes. But some organizations started with a new concept that accelerated digital transformation...
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XING has a new content marketing format: Swiss branch-insiders publish their know-how

on 23-Jun-2016 09:17:58 By | Stéphanie Eugster | 1 Comment | E-Commerce
XING is a business network with more than 10M users. They just launched XING insiders, a group of experts that publishes articles about their branch. Currently there are more than 60 experts who share their know-how.There are Opel-CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann, Digital-Life-Design-Conference founder Steffi Czerny and DAX-finance expert Dirk Müller. From Switzerland there are fintech investor Marc P. Bernegger, Marketing-specialist Ewa Ming, Media-entrepreneur Peter Hogenkamp and and us for the topic E-Commerce who share their experiences. XING members can follow those people and subscribe to their articles.
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