B2B Blog Marketing: 5 Tips for Sustainable Success

Posted by Aioma | 23-May-2020 14:26:09

In e-commerce, a corporate blog has become part of almost every corporate communications strategy. Anyone who does not regularly provide his target group with relevant input is quickly forgotten.

It is not without reason that a B2B blog increases the visibility and reputation of a company and thus ensures both the retention of the existing customer base and the acquisition of new business partners. In this article we provide you with five tips on which strategies are particularly promising in content marketing with the help of a blog.

1. Publish Articles Regularly

Blog schreiben

Studies by marketing analysts show that in 2019, around 82 percent of all companies surveyed agreed, that regularly published blog posts were able to generate a positive return on investment from their inbound activities (source:

You do not need to worry that you constantly have to come up with new blog topics. An efficient online marketing strategy for regular blog posts is about exploiting already existing posts and smart re-using them in other formats, for example in series of posts on a superordinate topic.

Always keep content that generates a lot of traffic up to date and check regularly whether the embedded media, such as infographics, podcasts and explanatory videos are still up-to-date and whether any links still work.

The regular publication and updating of blog entries helps to attract interested readers and retain potential new customers. Furthermore you signal to any search engines that something is going on on your website and that the site is always up to date.

Monitor your blog statistics and pay attention to reader comments. This will help you find topics that perform well and get resonance.

2. Use Visual Content

Visueller Content

Visual blog marketing offers many advantages: Graphics, photos, tables, charts and video clips help your business partners and interested readers to better understand processes and absorb information.

Infographics make blog posts much more attractive and easier to understand. Furthermore, charts and graphics create visual hooks. These can be easily shared on the various social media channels and thus provide you with additional visibility.

Content in the form of photos and videos also help to generate traffic via image search engines. Instagram, the Google or Bing image search or YouTube are great attention grabbers that help your blog content to be shared more often than purely text-based posts.

3. Choose the Right Time

Zeitpunkt Content veröffentlichen

Business blogs are usually read in the morning, because most blog readers are morning people: They come to the office and find out about current trends before the start of daily business.

This means that blog posts that are published in the morning have a better chance of reaching your target group and attracting attention. However, these are only empirical values, which can also - depending on the respective industry - vary.

The optimal blog times can be quite different for each target group. Again, analyze your blog statistics according to traffic volume; this helps to determine the best times for your B2B blogs.

4. Create Relevant Content

Relevanz schaffen

The most important rule in blog marketing is: Your B2B blog is not a marketing channel or a press office reporting on your product or company news. Always remember that your customers and readers expect well-founded content that offers real added value in everyday business life, such as:

  • Trends in your industry
  • Instructions and guides
  • Strategies, tips and tricks

Really relevant content is an important asset for your e-commerce business today and should be the basis for success in online marketing for this reason alone. But what could a well thought-out content marketing strategy for your corporate blog look like?

Make sure that your B2B blog is perceived as a content center. A feedback channel - e.g. a commentary function - provides the perfect basis for bundling professional expertise. Quickly answered questions on your blog are worth gold. Such a channel ensures authenticity and positions you as an expert in your field of expertise.

A B2B blog is an indispensable tool in e-commerce today. Professional blog marketing strategies do not focus on the channel but on the content, because what good is a blog if it does not offer relevant content?

Last but not least, a B2B blog offers many opportunities to show your company from a personal and human side. Give your B2B company a face in the truest sense of the word - with personal statements on current topics in your field and industry.

5. Disseminate Content via Social Media Channels

Even a high-quality B2B blog does not market itself automatically. Only a small percentage of interested readers find their way to your blog website. Therefore, here's an important tip: Generate references for potential readers.

The easiest way to do this is through social media. Social media posts should be seen as an extension of the reach that new people can reach.

Develop a social media strategy and plan how to put your posts online with appropriate content at the best times of day on the various platforms.


Pay attention to relevant content that appeals to your business partners and customers - it is the key to success of a corporate blog.

Continuity continues to count - nothing repulses your readers more than an orphaned blog whose most recent post was months ago. Don't forget the marketing of your blog, because readers don't come by themselves.

Reuse your content over and over again without repeating yourself. Create new content formats. Graphic elements generate more attention than endless text deserts.

Link your B2B blog to social media channels and thus ensure greater reach, interaction and traffic. If you take all this into account, you are sure to be successful in blog marketing.


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