E-Commerce Report Switzerland 2019

Posted by Marc Gasser | 27-Jun-2019 18:16:06

It's e-commerce reporting season! Datatrans and the Ecommerce Foundation have just published their E-Commerce reports for Switzerland.

E-Commerce Report Switzerland by Datatrans and FHNW

Since the beginning of 2009, Swiss providers have been surveyed annually by the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW. The sponsor is Datatrans. This year with the special topic "Outlook on the networked world of products and services in 2025".

Siroop had to give up, Galaxus is on record course - at least as far as news and investments are concerned. coop@home has become the performance leader in food e-commerce with its fresh food counters, Le Shop is looking for the success factors for tomorrow after a change of the trainer. Everywhere you look: What is going well, what needs to be improved? Over a period of three years, the study panel found that there was only one company left with a negative sales trend online.

A few statements summarized

  • On average, online growth last year was 16%.
  • Online sales total CHF 9.5 billion (excl. CHF 250 million own imports from abroad and incl. CHF 2.15 billion deliveries from foreign suppliers)
  • The growth rate is again 10 % compared to the previous year.
  • 22 % of Swiss online purchases are coming from foreign providers.
  • Customer access costs money and tends to become more expensive, whether in terms of acquisition or customer loyalty.
Massive investments continue to be made in e-commerce (31 out of 34 providers tend to agree or fully agree).

Here you can download the E-Commerce Report Switzerland 2019 from Datatrans and FHWN. A qualitative study from the perspective of the e-commerce providers.

E-Commerce Report Switzerland by the Ecommerce Foundation

The Ecommerce Foundation is an independent organization initiated by national ecommerce associations worldwide, as well as online and omnichannel distributors in the retail, travel & finance industries. Their mission is to promote global digital commerce.

A few statements summarized

  • Switzerland has a top position in the Logistics Performance Index.
  • is the leading online retailer with a turnover of over 700 million euros.
  • Most online shoppers prefer to buy on account (64%).
  • The clothing and footwear categories will account for 20% of total e-commerce sales by 2022.

Click here to download the Ecommerce Foundation's E-Commerce Report Switzerland 2019.

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