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Posted by Stéphanie Eugster | 15-Jan-2019 08:00:00

A new era is starting for us as an e-commerce agency in Zurich. Since 1 January 2019, our company has been operating under the name Aioma AG.

Facing changing customer demands, the rise of IoT, AI and ever shorter innovation cycles, companies need to make sure to have both an organizational as well as a technical structure that allows for agility and speed.

Despite the allocation of millions of Swiss Francs to digital transformation, organizations are still struggling with aligning technology spend with business outcomes.

But some organizations started with a new concept that accelerated digital transformation...

More flexibility and speed are promised by a new e-commerce platform that does not deliver a ready-made online shop, but provides a kind of shop construction kit via ready-made or own microservices.

For readers in a hurry

Since 1 January 2019, we have been on the road with a sharpened e-commerce profile and a new company name.

  • We are responding to customer requirements and market changes and preparing for the future with an expanded e-commerce product portfolio.
  • The majority of the company's shares are now held by the operative management.




Expanded e-commerce product portfolio

Speed and agility are the leading differentiators in digital transformation today.

Companies such as Google, Amazon, eBay, Netflix, and Uber already rely on an new architectural principle. However, to date only the most driven businesses have managed to implement such changes. Some organizations started with a new concept that accelerated digital transformation

Our commerce-platform-as-a-service is about moving quickly by taking small, reversible and low-risk steps. This can be extremely powerful but it isn’t easy: It’s a huge philosophical and cultural shift as well as a technical challenge. We run our platform cloud-native combined with microservices-architecture and the new operational tools of continuous integration, containers and orchestrators. The overall objective is to improve speed, scalability and, finally, margin.

Founded as Astina in 2005 and spun off as e-commerce department in 2015, we have now become a permanent fixture in the German-speaking e-commerce world. With numerous solutions, among others for Bauwerk Parkett, Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel, Fujifilm, Navyboot, ZFV Unternehmungen and Meier Tobler, we have achieved national and international recognition in the last 14 years.

"We see the name change as a step in the continuous development of the company. Ambitious companies that do not want to replace their existing shop software with the modern e-commerce platform at once can also gradually change their existing system"

explains CEO Marc Gasser.

"This supports our mission to create the flexible and scalable next-generation e-commerce platform that is affordable for our customers."

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with selected partners, we have access to a highly specialized network in the e-commerce areas of user experience (UX), web analysis, online marketing and digital compliance and work with a wide variety of ERP, PIM and CRM service providers. Our experience guarantees that our partners share both our attitude and our aspirations. Aioma will continue to create real added value for companies in the core areas of e-commerce solution development and e-commerce consulting.

Majority in operational management

With the change of name, CEO and partner Marc Gasser takes over the majority of the company. We are also pleased to have Dr. Kurt Lambert as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Peter Fanconi as Advisory Board member (President GKB, BlueOrchard, Vice President Deutsche Bank Switzerland). An open, lively corporate culture with agile values and flat hierarchies gives our employees a high degree of personal responsibility. This in turn enables strong customer loyalty.

The team is actively involved in modern technologies and scalable cloud-based delivery models and is thus testing the future form of e-commerce.


We remain convinced that monolithic e-commerce applications, which will continue to power most of the world's largest corporate portals in 2019, are bottlenecks for innovation, and that the costs and returns of e-commerce platforms are out of all proportion. This must be eliminated - and that is what Aioma stands for.

We are focusing on the e-commerce architecture of the future with the most flexible, cloud-based commerce solution on the market. You benefit from the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry and a shorter time to market.

Increase business agility and innovate. Aioma is Switzerland's leading specialist agency for digital commerce and e-commerce.

WE develop e-commerce solutions: online shops, product platforms, marketplaces and other transaction-oriented applications.
FOR visionary and innovative companies in B2B & B2C, mainly in industry, food & beverages and pharmaceuticals.
BY using the most suitable software for each business area, we consistently gear companies for modularity to ensure an integrated, highly flexible system landscape. 
BECAUSE we value your customer’s seamless experience and believe that agility and speed are today’s leading competitive differentiators.

Take advantage of our highly scalable e-commerce software. The e-commerce platform supports a modern microservices architecture, offers a wide range of integrations and is designed for API-first and cloud native.


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Written by Stéphanie Eugster

Stéphanie Eugster, MSc Universität ZH, verfügt über mehrjährige nationale und internationale Erfahrung im Bereich Management Consulting, in der Beratung von Geschäftsprozessen, Anforderungsanalysen und in der Leitung von IT-Projekten.

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