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Modern marketing aims to understand individual customer needs and serve them optimally. But the human brain consistently sorts out irrelevant messages. How do you overcome this hurdle?

Natural spam filter: the brain

Our brain sorts out incoming messages like a well-set e-mail account: Mass mails with content that is not related to personal needs or interests end up directly in the spam folder - they missed the target. What do these recurring, broadly formulated advertisements have in common? They annoy!

At least as long as we are not explicitly interested in these topics. This is exactly the crucial point: The human brain is able to scan incoming information for keywords. If these are irrelevant, the message is lost in the general news murmur. It is perceived like background noise - in fact, almost not at all. Efficient marketing therefore requires certain stimuli to attract attention at all.

Personalized content creates proximity

You can try it out for yourself: How do you react when you are addressed personally and above all correctly and provided with information that you are really interested in? You feel valued and spontaneously develop a certain sympathy for the sender.

The probability that you will consciously take note of this message increases significantly - because it is interesting for you and because a tailor-made e-mail that stands out pleasantly from the general flood of information gives you a feeling of control and security: Addressing you with your first name and appropriate content triggers a feeling of well-being - after all, you know what it's all about.

Even if these processes take place unconsciously, they have an enormous effect - and shape the conviction of the recipient. In addition, the personalization of such messages reduces the feeling of helplessness to be helplessly exposed to this rampant flood of information.

If, for example, you are shown exactly the content you were looking for on a website, you will perceive it differently from the many other messages that are spread widely in an anonymous manner. Responsible for this human phenomenon is the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in the brain, which filters information carefully: If it is in direct contact with us, we will accept it better - so this hurdle has to be taken specifically in marketing.

Personalization through Marketing Automation

Personalization has not become a marketing trend in its own right for nothing - but what exactly is behind it? Ultimately, it's all about creating a special experience for the potential customer: He should feel accepted with his worries and problems when he is offered content personally - and that in an individually sent e-mail.

This is wishful thinking, of course, but with Marketing Automation you can get very close to it: On the one hand, it supports the personalization of content, and on the other hand, it allows the well-timed sending of e-mails and newsletters.

In a word: Marketing Automation is an indispensable tool in modern marketing that significantly improves the customer experience - without any additional effort for your employees. But there are some prerequisites that must first be met in order to optimize customer satisfaction: You need

  • detailed and suitable personas,
  • Content that is really relevant for your customers,
  • the perfect time for a speech and
  • the communication channel that is preferred by your persona

The target group: knowing personas

The blanket definition of target groups was replaced by the persona concept some time ago - it is indispensable for marketing automation. Only in this way can the characteristics of potential customers be worked out precisely and conclusions drawn about their probable needs and expected behavior.

PersonaThese insights in turn form a solid basis for tailor-made marketing - from website customization to multi-stage mail campaigns. But once defined personas are only the beginning: Not only the consistent evaluation of campaign results, but every click, every page view and every single download will provide you with new and above all finer information that you can use to optimize your personas and develop new automatisms.

The contents: Only the relevance counts

If you know your personas well, it is best to put yourself in their shoes: What information is interesting at what time? Already during content creation, which is the basis for automated processes, you should therefore keep the defined personas in mind - their characteristics reliably provide you with the decisive impulses.


Create diverse texts, audio and video files and other formats to feed the Marketing Automation solution with the appropriate content. The decisive factor here is the added value with which you can convince your potential customers of your company's competence - in the form of an e-mail, newsletter or whitepaper as well as a dynamic website.

The timing: analysing needs precisely

The need for information changes in the course of the customer journey - this is exactly what marketing automation should address. After all, the declared goal is that the measures should support the conversion of an anonymous user into a well known and loyal customer.

You can only achieve this if you offer the user information at the optimal time - and the right information at that. When a user visits your homepage for the first time, he is looking for a solution to his problem or need. This is where completely different incentives are recommended than would be appropriate for an existing customer who is looking for news from you.


This is where a Marketing Automation solution can show its decisive advantages: It supports you in differentiating, classifies the user profile and its stage in the customer life cycle and thus ensures that the appropriate content is presented - personalized, of course.

Well-timed communication can also be understood as a process: After all, successful conversion is not the end of the process, but only the beginning of the next stage. Step by step, you can build stable and extremely valuable customer relationships, but you can also reactivate inactive contacts - with a thank-you e-mail as soon as a sale is completed, or with individually designed newsletters that introduce new products or trends and thus open up sales potential.

The channel: Customers set the rules

The possibilities are extremely diverse, and the communication channels that come into question today beyond the own website are not only newsletters via e-mail, but above all social media channels. However, the decisive factor is always which channels your target customer prefers to use to inform himself - after all, your information should be perceived and received.

ChannelAs a company, you should offer selected communication channels, provide them with regular content and, above all, maintain them carefully. It makes sense to adapt your own communication strategy to several channels - here too, Marketing Automation provides effective support: once the content is available, it can be intelligently linked to the various communication channels and placed at the right time.


Personalization takes a human need into account: We absorb content much better as soon as we are personally addressed with content that is interesting for us.

What seems so complicated at first glance can be mastered excellently with Marketing Automation: You put yourself in the position not only to address your potential customers with the correct name at the right time, but also to accompany and guide them on their customer journey with the placed content.

In this way, you gradually create the level at which lucrative business can be realized - automatically.

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