Aioma Launches First AI-based Online B2B Marketing Magazine

Posted by Romina Buchle | 18-Aug-2021 12:00:00

The Swiss SaaS company Aioma has launched an online magazine, giving a brand new reading experience using artificial intelligence. Each reader is guided through their own one of a kind journey based on individual tastes detected by AI. In this way, the Swiss company is creating a unique world of knowledge around B2B marketing that is designed to meet the current needs of the user thanks to machine learning.

The trade magazine can be accessed at this address. Aioma is thus pursuing the goal of helping B2B companies to take their marketing to the next level. "We aim to give B2B marketers a powerful tool with our trade magazine and show them how to implement effective marketing by means of tried-and-tested best practice tips," says Laura Mäder, Content Experience Manager at Aioma and responsible for the project.

The B2B trade magazine is designed as a kind of thematic world in which all areas are connected with each other on different levels. Using artificial intelligence, the reader is then guided through the magazine. "The magazine uses machine learning to address consumers in a personalized way throughout their entire customer journey," explains Mäder. The advantage: readers thus receive individualized step by step guidance, adapted to their level of knowledge and needs. "By personalization, we mean that every reader gets the content that is relevant to them at that particular moment," says Mäder.

Marc Gasser, Founder and CEO of Aioma is certain: "With our trade magazine, we have created something that does not yet exist in the B2B marketing world." Aioma creates such trade magazines for B2B companies within a few days. Content writing is included.

Laura Mäder also believes that the magazine will usher in a new era in the B2B marketing universe. "Our trade magazine is the next generation of the classic corporate blog, so to speak. B2B companies will be empowered to build successful B2B content marketing that gets results, thanks to the magazine." 


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Written by Romina Buchle

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