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Posted by Maryam Boghdadi | 28-Jun-2021 11:56:00

99.7 percent of companies in Switzerland are SMEs. This raises the question of whether just as many companies have limited finances and resources due to their size and are thus held back from great success. 

Of course, as the name suggests, SMEs are not giant corporations and therefore have limited human resources. On the other hand, SMEs often outsource tasks in order to be able to focus on the core competencies of the company. At the same time, outsourcing is always associated with additional costs. However, outsourcing does not necessarily have to mean that the solution is an option that cannot be financed - but few SMEs are aware of this. In most cases, outsourcing is condemned as an expensive solution and is therefore not even considered. This contributes to the fact that e.g. marketing tasks are not always outsourced. In the meantime, however, internally the capacity and/or the know-how is missing to complete the tasks themselves and thus it is only limited or not carried out at all. Due to the lack of online presence, however, a company cannot establish itself as an expert in its field or even increase its visibility.

To prevent such a situation, marketing automation solutions are offered by Aioma, which do not overload the financial capacities of SMEs and still provide the desired added value. The marketing know-how of Aioma experts serves as a complement and enrichment of internal resources and competencies. SMEs find the collaboration with Aioma extremely efficient, helpful and insightful. 

The Starting Position

A specific example of success with the support of Aioma is reflected in an SME client from the HR and organizational development industry. The company consists of only two employees / founders, who are extremely good at the core competence of their service. However, they are not yet financially able to hire additional people for various departments and personally lack resources to take care of marketing tasks. 

The Aioma software proved to be a suitable solution for our protagonist, because at Aioma each client is assigned a personal Customer Success Manager, who reviews the online marketing strategy in terms of content, expands it and creates the content.
Thus, our client did not need to fill a new online marketing position or hire an agency for copywriting. 

With Aioma's expertise and technology in the areas of content marketing, lead management and marketing automation, our client gained a reliable partner to support them specifically and enable them, for example, to distribute content to their customers in an automated and personalized way.

Marketing automation in particular allows our customers to invest their limited time in their core competencies. Meanwhile, online marketing continues to run reliably on autopilot.

The Approach

So how did we specifically help our client - a small business in the field of HR and organizational development? 


Step 1: Pain Point Analysis

Aioma's first step was to identify the company's bottlenecks. In this case, the culprit was the website. It was well structured, but could not yet provide the target group with informative and product-neutral content.

Due to the limited capacity of the employees and their lack of marketing know-how, our client was unable to close this gap on its own.

In order to be able to conduct content marketing more efficiently in the future, a process had to be established that systematically provides potential customers with information throughout the entire customer journey and ensures that the really hot leads are contacted at the right time.


Step 2: Buyer Persona Analysis

In the second step, the company shared information about the buyer persona, which should be addressed on the blog with informative content. This step is the basis for creating targeted and interesting content for the buyer persona. 


Step 3: Content Audit

Before the content strategy was effectively created, existing content was reviewed. Existing content such as articles, white papers, or seminars (videos) can and should always be used. In this step, the existing content is assigned to the respective appropriate Customer Journey phase.

Aioma divides the customer journey into the following phases:

  • Attract - content that requires no prior knowledge
  • Engage - content that requires little prior knowledge and expands existing knowledge
  • Convert - content that is presented as a solution to the customer's problem
  • Delight - content that inspires existing customers to make another purchase. This content is company or product specific and requires prior knowledge on the part of the reader. 

    The SME had already created whitepapers that were informative and well structured. These could therefore be used as lead magnets for conversion pages.


Step 4: Content Gap Analysis

The goal of the content gap analysis is to identify weaknesses and turn them into opportunities.

With this in mind, Aioma classified the existing content and evaluated open topics. Since the SME did not have a blog yet, there were no blog articles or similar articles that could be used for the blog. Thus, it became clear that the blog articles of all phases still had to be created.

The blog enables the company to be perceived as an expert in the chosen topic and thus creates a basis of trust for its potential and existing customers.


Step 5: Competitor Analysis

To get a holistic picture of the company and their potential, a competitor analysis is essential. On the one hand, it allows to compare the USPs of the company again with the competition to highlight the strengths in the blog. On the other hand, "hijacking" ideas are also found here and implemented in the content strategy.

There is talk of hijacking, as it is analyzed which topics are interesting at the competitor, but are not yet sufficiently exploited online. These topics are then supplemented on the own blog. Even if the company and the competitor offer content on the same topic, certain readers will switch to the company's blog, and thus be hijacked by the competitor.

A competitor analysis was also performed for our client. Hijacking topics were identified and it turned out that most of the competitors do not have a blog yet. This learning could therefore be classified as a positive finding.


Step 6: Keyword & Content Strategy

With the inputs from steps 1 to 5, a keyword & content strategy was created for the SME. The goal was to create content that is informative and interesting for the buyer persona and to make distinctions from non-scientific tools. In particular, the positioning of the company was to be sharpened and strengthened with the new theme worlds.

The individual articles of the theme world were equipped with keywords, which SEO technically had an appropriate search volume and are still competitive.


Step 7: Content Creation

In less than a month, the blog, along with appropriate content and design, went live and was linked to the website.

Aioma created articles for the theme world with the confirmed keyword & content strategy. After only 2 weeks, the first two theme worlds with 5 articles each were ready.

Each of the articles was confirmed by the SME and entered on the Aioma software and supplemented with the existing lead magnets to generate as many conversions as possible.


Step 8: Content Distribution Planning

Once the right content is available, it is just as important to distribute it efficiently. For this purpose, our client initially relied on sending personalized newsletters to existing contacts and social media posts on all strategically important social media channels. 

The planning for newsletters and social media was completely done by Aioma. Furthermore, the Aioma software is smartly set up and distributes the planned content automatically and personalized to the right addressees, at the right time and on the right channel.

The Result

After a successful nearly 30-day onboarding period, the SME had achieved a new, timely, and informative online blog, an online marketing distribution strategy, and 360-degree customer profiles with the least possible effort.

The price-performance ratio was also praised. No other solution could have provided them with this package at the same price, quality and time efficiency.

Another positive aspect of Aioma is that the company can always provide feedback, content can be customized at any time, and the blog conforms to the company's design and tone of voice, thus not creating an image mismatch.

Last but not least, it was recognized that especially content for the early customer journey phases, such as Attract and Engage, should be written in a very informative but also neutral way, and this is often difficult for the company because it is too close to the product. Therefore, a neutral third person was needed to create such texts.

The fact that the entire distribution process is automated online is considered a highly calculated advantage. This automation allows the SME staff to focus on their core competencies and still extend online communication to potential and existing customers.

Summary: Efficient solution for your digital marketing

Whether SME or large enterprise, Aioma's marketing automation software and know-how are an efficient solution for any B2B company to improve and automatically expand the company's online presence with little time and resources.

The advantages of having a contact person who is a personal expert for the company is an added value that does not harm any company.


Are you also lacking internal resources for your SME marketing?

We have set ourselves the goal that B2B companies and SMEs can also operate rock star marketing with limited resources.
That's why we're happy to take time for you and share our expertise with you on a no-obligation discovery call.



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