The Touchpoints of your Customer Journey

on 11-Jun-2020 16:27:03 By | Aioma | 0 Comments | Customer Journey
Of course you know your direct sales channels. But what about points of contact that used to be in the B2B buying process? Do you have a strategy to attract enough traffic and convert the leads you have gained into profitable sales? We are going to show you how to find the most important touchpoints of your customer journey.
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Your Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

on 31-May-2020 08:52:01 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | Content Marketing Customer Journey
Qualitative content ensures satisfied users and customers. However, a large part of the written B2B articles are never seen by the target group. We show how to reach a successful content marketing strategy.
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What are the Advantages of a Customer Data Platform?

on 22-May-2020 11:52:46 By | Marc Gasser | 2 Comments | Marketing Automation Customer Journey
In a time when we generate more information in one day than in a whole century, companies that are able to handle customer data have a huge market advantage. However, for most companies, customer data is wasting away in isolated data silos. The secret weapon for breaking down data silos and redefining customer relationships is called the customer data hub or customer data platform (CDP).
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