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Customer Loyalty Programmes and Customer Data

on 25-Jun-2015 15:39:33 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | Loyalty Mobile Commerce
Data from the Customer Loyalty Programmes is a rich source of information on the current transactions, products and purchasing behaviour in general. Within the framework of Customer Loyalty Programmes, retailers use customer cards. Participants receive certain discounts and other benefits, in return for which the company binds them to itself as far as possible. Using the so-called shopping basket analysis, the company registers the purchases of customers who make them by providing their customer card. Thus, the company receives detailed data on their purchases and can plan further marketing measures and similar things. Members of Customer Loyalty Programmes must be informed about this detailed data gathering in a transparent way. They can directly influence the gathering of their shopping basket data by showing or not-showing their customer card when making a purchase. The non-provision of customer card can now be compensated: those who are located in the shop area can be automatically connected with a transaction in the cashier system with help of an installed App and Beacons.
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Mobile Loyalty programs

on 13-Feb-2015 16:31:26 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | Loyalty Mobile Commerce
Retailers are on the lookout for cross-channel systems capable of reaching out to the same customer at the POS, via newsletters, in online shops and on smartphones in order to create increased incentives. show that 83% of consumers participate in at least one loyalty program and that 13% participate in more than five. The retailers surveyed in the Forrester study indicated that loyalty programs are the best revenue drivers. One significant finding showed that 64% of retailers said customer loyalty programs that operate via mobile phones are the most effective. That's good news for retailers considering whether to introduce mobile loyalty programs.
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