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Origammi is now called Aioma

on 15-Jan-2019 08:00:00 By | Stéphanie Eugster | 0 Comments | News E-Commerce
A new era is starting for us as an e-commerce agency in Zurich. Since 1 January 2019, our company has been operating under the name Aioma AG. Facing changing customer demands, the rise of IoT, AI and ever shorter innovation cycles, companies need to make sure to have both an organizational as well as a technical structure that allows for agility and speed. Despite the allocation of millions of Swiss Francs to digital transformation, organizations are still struggling with aligning technology spend with business outcomes. But some organizations started with a new concept that accelerated digital transformation...
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This Week in eCommerce: online sales growth at Coop and Farmy, digital customs clearance

on 08-Jan-2019 08:30:00 By | Urs Hammer | 0 Comments | News
Coop: Online sales growth of more than 20% The Coop Group published its consolidated figures and for the first time reported consolidated sales in excess of CHF 30 billion, an increase of 5%. Online trading once again made a significant contribution to the growth in sales, with a further increase of over 20% and net sales of CHF 2.3 billion contributing to total sales (Article in German).
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This Week in Commerce: stops deliveries to Switzerland, E-Commerce China Forecast and Top 10 Online Shops in Switzerland

on 08-Dec-2018 13:50:50 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | News Marktanalyse
E-Commerce News which is worth to mentioned. We monitor the web for you and bring the most interesting stories about e-commerce. Retail e-commerce in China is being shaped by fast growth and innovation, driven by companies such as Alibaba and How does the forecast look like? And five B2B e-commerce tips to boost sales and increase repeat customers.
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The paradigm shift for rapidly growing e-commerce companies

on 16-May-2017 07:37:44 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | News E-Commerce Architektur E-Commerce
We're living in a new era Nowadays, speed and flexibility are the most important advantages to have over your competitors: Changing customer demands, the rise of the mobile internet and the increasingly shorter innovation cycles present companies with a real challenge: creating an organisational and technical structure that is both fast and agile.
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We are building the Everywhere Commerce Machine of the Future

Challenge Enterprise e-commerce faces several challenges today. Systems may have different life cycles, creating conflict between long-term ERP solutions and faster paced online store front-end developments. Innovation is impaired by old platforms in need of upgrades. In addition, customers demand seamless experiences across all channels and on all devices.
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Our E-Commerce Agency on a new digital path

on 04-Feb-2015 09:42:00 By | Marc Gasser | 0 Comments | Insider News
Rockets, sparklers, seas of lights, the old year … that is all gone. We welcome the new year, which has only just began.
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