This Week in Commerce: Xmas Shopping, the other side of E-Commerce in China, Galaxus conquers Germany

Posted by Marc Gasser | 24-Dec-2018 15:08:51

Christmas Gifts without hustle and bustle, online shopping?

Ordering Christmas gifts from the sofa instead of rushing into the busy malls. That sounds like a peaceful Advent and not the usual pre-Christmas stress. But sometimes appearances are deceptive. O cheerful e-commerce! (DE)

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Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich: Diversity comes back

Shops are dying and relocation to online business! It wasn't that long ago that the desolation of Bahnhofstrasse was lamented. The variety however comes back step by step and will increase further. At the Zurich shopping mile the variety comes back - (DE)

The other side of E-Commerce: China

The western platforms Amazon, Whatsapp, Facebook and many other online tools are not relevant in China. A look into the Middle Kingdom opens up a completely new horizon and new approaches. An article in the e-commerce magazine "eStrategy" sheds light on the other side of e-commerce, which gives us the impression of shuffling the cards in the domestic e-commerce world in the foreseeable future. China is a rapidly developing country in which mobile payments and online shopping are much larger than in Europe. Experts believe that China will already account for 60% of global e-commerce sales in 2020. E-Commerce in China - (DE)

CRAP Articles don't make it anymore at Amazon

Amazon will no longer sell unprofitable products. This includes so-called crap articles (can't realize a profit). In concrete terms, these are everyday consumer goods that are sold at very low margins. Amazon therefore has no problems selling such products to third parties. On the online marketplace, purchases from third parties account for around 50 percent of transactions. For many brands there is no longer any choice as to whether they want to be present on Amazon or not - they have to. According to eMarketer , about 50 percent of product searches in the USA begin on Amazon. Amazon separates from unprofitable products - (DE)

Google starts own Marketplace in EU

The past price comparison portal Google Shopping is to become the on-line market place . The Google program Shopping Actions is started and will change into the Google Shopping market place. Not rarely the purchase of products starts with a Google search and ends then with Amazon and eBay or other Retailern. Google wants to shorten this way with its program Shopping Actions , which runs since March in the USA and starts at the beginning of 2019 officially in France. Google will thus become an e-commerce competitor of Amazon or Cdiscount. Google brings its own online marketplace to France - (DE)

This is how is conquering Germany

On a flying visit to the headquarters of in Hamburg. The modest appearance suits the way Galaxus was launched in Germany on 1 November. In the market, where the appearance is loud and the advertising banners bright, Galaxus goes carefully to the work. In test mode halt, the Migros subsidiary writes "Beta" on its website. This is how wants to conquer Germany - (DE)

B2C-Ranking of UN: Switzerland in third Place

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has published a study on global e-commerce. According to UNCTAD's index, Switzerland has achieved third place in the global online shopping comparison. In the study, national economic areas were evaluated according to criteria such as the number of Internet users and the reliability of postal deliveries. Although Switzerland achieved high index figures, it ranks behind the Netherlands and Singapore. B2C ranking of the UN: These are the top 10 countries in the E-Commerce Index 2018 - (DE)

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