When can you expect to see results from your content marketing strategy?

Posted by Marc Gasser | 01-Nov-2018 21:12:00

The art of Online-Content-Marketing

Slow and study wins the race - even in business. The process of online marketing strategies and the results takes time. It is a path that we can work with you together.

It depends...“

This response does not satisfy you or anyone else. But we want to give you an answer. Online content marketing doesn't know any time. We would like to work with you on why this question is not easy to answer.


When we create an online marketing strategy together with you, we have to clarify in advance whether it should be for B2C or B2B. B2C customers are much more emotional in their purchasing decisions. Storytelling, personality - very close to the customer. On the other hand B2B customers are more rational, informed and fact-based. Here it is important that you work with numbers. 55% of B2B marketers are unsure how content marketing looks like in success or effectiveness. (Content Marketing Institute, 2015) Let's change that together.

The key to customer relations

Customer relationships are basically nothing more than a partnership. We recommend that you get to know them and understand their ways of thinking. How is your competition? Who are your target groups? You should deal with your target audience. Which media do they consume? What problems do they have and what concerns can affect their decisions? This will help you develop empathy for your customers. We want to find a way together and you will be part of the process.

The Beginning

It's always not easy to start. You have many tasks ahead of you - we understand that. But we will help you to get started. We'll put together a focused team and work out the right keywords. Your page (website, online shop, etc.) must be found. We don't want to land with you on page 63 of the Google search results. We want to bring you forward. Why do you produce exactly that content? What goal do you want to achieve with the content? You don't have to wait until our content marketing strategy is completed to get your ideas up and running - Start putting relevant goals and asking questions right away. All companies that publish more than 16 blog posts a month get more than 3.5 times more traffic (HubSpot, 2015). And when this part is done, you have to keep your visitors on the website. Call to actions, Landingpages or User Experience are some examples to give you an idea about it. Visitors on your page are your potential leads - and we'll help you to turn them into your customers. With E-mails, newsletters or mailings you have to make yourself interesting for them. What is your USP? If your leads have become customers, we advise you to keep in touch with them. Invite them to events or send their customers information about discount promotions.

The success

72% of B2B companies are satisfied with their success. However, its not about the budget, because the annual budget for digital content marketing activities is two thirds of B2B decision-makers, well below the content marketing budget of B2C companies. Results of the content marketing study show that the annual budget for digital content marketing for two-thirds of B2B decision-makers significantly below the determined by the Content Marketing Forum benchmark of 275,000 euros. "The fact that B2B decision makers seem to be more successful is probably mainly due to the fact that one in four of them work on the agency side. Statistically, agency representatives are significantly more satisfied with their success compared to the content marketing decision-makers on the company side, as a comparison of the two target groups shows. Another hypothesis is that the goals of the B2B decision makers are a bit more moderate, so that success or satisfaction can be more easily achieved. On the other hand, B2C companies have a higher pressure to succeed due to the higher budget. " (Content Marketing Study, Robert Weller, 2018).

The answer

Online content marketing is a continuous process period which doesn't end. Together we will always find things that can be further optimized and perfected because we are perfectionists and we approach the process together with you. Answering the question when results can be seen, we can only answer: always. Everything affects your ranking, your customers, your presentation. Never stop analyzing, do not stop questioning things, and never stop understanding your customers. It's a joint project with a lot of work, research and analysis, and we can work together on the process of online content marketing.

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