Content Distribution

What is the Content Distribution?


Content Distribution is the third module of the Marketing Automation Software, where everything revolves around the reach of your business.

Content Distribution enables personalized communication with your contacts along the customer journey. Once the software is filled with content and contacts, the autopilot takes over.

  • Matching Content: Each contact is only provided with content that complements his or her current level of knowledge.
  • Reach your Target Group: Your users are picked up early in their Customer Journey and actively engaged.
  • Leverage content: No one-time campaign content is created, but reusable content.
  • Automated communication: Communication with your prospective buyers is automated up to the first personal contact.
Individual Customer Journey

What you will achieve with the Content Distribution

+ Individual, personalized communication

+ Active guidance through the customer journey

+ Signalize expertise to Google and users

+ Expansion of the reach via different channels

The first step towards Marketing Automation


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