Customer Data Platform

360° view of your customers with marketing automation

Track activities

Register what your contacts do on your website and what content they interact with.

Profile Product Fit

Check without direct contact whether a customer is a potential candidate for a certain product.

Create profiles

With a comprehensive customer profile you can see contact and behavioral data of your customers at a glance.

Form customer clusters

Similar customers can be grouped together in clusters and provide information about the expected behavior.

"We support B2B decision makers in overcoming the complexity of marketing automation and implementing a pilot project within 10 days."

customer data pla

Meaningful customer profiles

Learn to understand your customers better.

  • Profiles on a personal level
  • Product Fit
  • Activity overview

Use Marketing Automation to combine customer data from various sources into a rich profile.

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Marketing Automation

Get the most out of your customer data and create comprehensive customer profiles.

What is Marketing Automation?

How can Marketing Automation be used in daily B2B business?

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