Customer Journey

The Buyer Persona that moves along the touchpoints

How do you make the Customer Journey an absolute experience: from your customers' first touchpoint to a long-term collaboration with you

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The Customer Journey is the journey of your company's customers (Buyer Persona) through the various points of contact with your company; the touchpoints. Especially in a B2B company, these can be numerous touchpoints over a long period of time. So, the question arises, how can you make this Customer Journey an absolute experience- from the first contact with your customers to their lasting collaboration with you?

The CMO - you are the all-rounder for your customers

As CMO of your B2B company, you are the heart, hand and head of your customer presence. Just like a travel guide of a large tourism company, who has to have everything under control in order to make the travel experience of his customers perfect, from a smooth arrival until their very last excursion. You should be aware of all points of contact and the information circuits of your company. This is a lot of work, which not only takes a lot of time, but can also be costly and, on top of that, is almost impossible for a single person to do. There are important questions arising for you every day about how to retain customers in the long term and also generate leads  -that can quickly get out of hand especially while you’re running your daily business:

  • Which touchpoints are regularly used by your customers?
  • Which channels are the most suitable for your company?
  • What goals does your company pursue with the various touchpoints?
  • What costs will your company face if you decide to use certain channels?
  • How can you not only improve these touchpoints individually, but also gain an overview of the entire Customer Journey of your customers?
  • How do you best improve the overall experience of this Customer Journey?

Because this is the only way you can completely satisfy your customers!

Touchpoints - Customer Journey: an all-round feeling

The presentation of your company to the outside world, the service communication with your customers and the performance, quality and function of your product are points of contact that can lead either to customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Imagine a luxury hotel chain creating a brochure. For the hotel visitors they have an early bird breakfast offer in the breakfast area. But the kitchen does not open until eleven o'clock, and the waiters only start at twelve o'clock!

The offer is a good idea and extends the repertoire of the hotel. But the customers won’t get any joy out of it if nobody in the service and kitchen knows about the offer and if it has not been planned thoroughly.

So, what is necessary to achieve this? You need to create a network in your company. Every customer area, every department should know about one another in order to work in harmony with the basic idea of your company.

The customers of your company want an all-round service, an all-inclusive package from you: this is Customer Journey Management.

Customer Journey Management

How can you make this Customer Journey an absolute experience from the first contact with your customers to their lasting collaboration with you?

Customer Journey Management

The customer acquisition of your company, its customer loyalty and customer care are constant processes, which are sometimes quite fragile.

Customer Journey Management - all inclusive

The Customer Journey Management sees the complexity of your entire business. Your customers are individualists and wish to be treated as such. Their journeys through your company are no longer simple, stringent and linear. In fact, your customers choose your touchpoints according to their unique needs and ideas; whether it's via Facebook, messengers, chats on your website, via email, in your online shop, by phone, or directly in a customer meeting in your store or office.

Their journey is individual, just like themselves! Is your presence sophisticated enough to survive in the multitude of channels mentioned?  Then your customers will also use your channels to inform themselves, to buy and - eventually - to commit themselves to your company. So now it's your turn as CMO!

Find out which of your touchpoints are available

Which channels are being intensively used by your customers? Measure and improve; stay on your toes and grow with your users. You don't have to be perfect, but you should make sure that the design and development of your Customer Journey does not stagnate. After all, it's all about understanding and addressing your customers' needs as well as the new information channels they use. Of course, this can also mean that success is not always promised. Failure, however, is a growth potential from which your company learns and through which it improves.

Understanding this potential in setbacks means being able to simultaneously improve these touchpoints.

When success is achieved, when your customers find their way back to your company and your product again and again, you have then created a successful Customer Journey, which means the absolute experience for your customers.

So always stay up to date!

To be or not to B2B

What does a successful Customer Journey Management mean for your B2B company in particular? Your customers do not make decisions lightly. Much more than just researching your online presence, your customers intensively search the World Wide Web with all its offers to get the best one for themselves.

Of course, this means that the Customer Journey of your customers is influenced constantly and from many different directions. Your customers use a variety of sources before they decide to make the first contact with your company. By this time, about 60% of their purchase decision has already been made!

The customer acquisition of your company, its customer loyalty and customer care are constant processes, which are sometimes quite fragile.

The information demands of your customers change as they travel through your company; if they initially only want to be informed about the product - so to speak, about where they want to go - the desire for concrete proposals for solutions, complex functions or information about the production method of your product becomes stronger during the decision-making process. Therefore, the service across all these different levels of the Customer Journey should be tailored to your customers.

That is why all customer areas should have the correct information about your customers. For example, in the form of a database that is easily accessible and can be used by all areas to help make the Customer Journey perfect.

Then you can also track the journey of individual customers in order to understand the complexity and uniqueness of their journey and improve it. What really helps you is to take the customer feedback seriously and evaluate it.

The customer is king and their needs always come first. Therefore, informative content, technical support, social media and sales should follow the customers' needs collectively.

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