Customer Profiles

What are the Customer Profiles?


The Customer Profiles are the second module of the Marketing Automation Software, where everything revolves around meaningful customer profiles.

The Customer Profiles are based on a Customer Data Platform, which collects data about all interactions with your contacts and processes them into profiles.

  • Activity History: You can see in real-time how your contacts are moving on your website.
  • Identify interests: With every interaction you gain more insights about your customers - long before the first personal contact.
  • Product fit: A contact-product-score shows you which offers are suitable for a contact.
  • Willingness to buy: Based on the behavior, you can see how far the contact has progressed in the customer journey and when a purchase decision is likely.
Activity Tracking Customer Journey

What you will achieve with the Customer Profiles

+ Insight into individual customer journeys

+ Product-specific willingness to buy

+ Optimal data basis for personalized communication

+ Qualified contacts

The first step towards Marketing Automation


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