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Discover the features of Aioma here and learn how the software helps you create entire topic worlds in the shortest time - without additional resources and high investments.

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Content Functions

Content Performance Report

The Content Performance Report shows you how your leads interact with the content and how good it is. So you know exactly where you still need to improve. Since your content is mapped to the individual customer journey phases, you can identify bottlenecks immediately and solve them.

Content Plan

The AI creates a concrete execution plan for you, which already contains drafts for new articles - including suggestions for headlines and subtitles. You can edit it in the editor, directly write the article yourself or use the outline as a briefing for your copywriters.

1 Click Content Shop

If you don't have the resources for content creation, simply order the articles via the 1 Click Content Shop. The briefing is then sent to our author network - you will receive the text back within three days.

Content Hub

A chronological blog is no longer enough to get you to the top of the search results. That's why we focus on topic worlds that are interconnected and offer the reader real added value.

Content Categorization along the Customer Journey

Pick up your leads at the right time with relevant content. All your content is mapped to the customer journey so you know when to provide your contact with what information.

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