Keep contents up-to-date

With a Kanban Board your tasks and urgencies are visually displayed. So you always have an overview of which tasks are next.
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Content Management

The Content Management System with the Block Editor helps you to manage your content quickly and easily. The system checks whether the contents meet the requirements and gives you tips on what you should bear in mind.
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Activity History Contacts

In the activity overview, you can see all interactions your users have with your touchpoints in real time. So you can overwiew the customer journey of your customers and weak points in the process.
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Assign contents

In order to actively guide the user through the customer journey, all contents are assigned to a customer journey phase. Furthermore, the contents are provided with individual tags to learn more about the user.
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Every interaction between a customer and your website is recorded and evaluated in the contact database. This way it is automatically determined which contact is interested in which products and which content.
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Customer Profile

In the customer profile you can see at a glance which products and topics interest the customer, what content he has consumed and when, as well as detect similar contacts of the same company.
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Social Sequencing

To ensure that your content is seen by your target group and generates traffic to your website, social media articles should be published regularly. With social sequencing, contributions can be easily planned and published in a coordinated manner.
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Display Topic Cluster

An overview page and several sub-pages are created for each topic. This ensures that all important aspects of the topic are covered and your website ranks for the right topics.
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