Marketing Automation

Activity Tracking

Interactions at customer level

Every point of contact between company and user is recorded in the tool. This allows you to track all interactions over time and see your customer's individual journey ahead.

On the one hand, it becomes clear what kind of touchpoint it was. Furthermore, the interaction is evaluated and pays into a lead score. If existing applications are connected to the tool, much more precise statements about the interaction can be made and additional insights gained.

Overview of touchpoints

The customer-level view helps you identify key touch points and track your customers' customer journey. In addition to interactions that help the customer in the customer journey, you can also identify weaknesses in user guidance.

Touchpoints über Zeit

Activities are displayed in real time. This guarantees that you are always up to date and can follow the movements of your customers live.

Individual integration

With the integration of already used systems, such as an ERP, the presentation of the interaction can be completed. Detailed information on shop pages or product detail pages can also be connected in this way.

Score und Details zu TouchpointWhich systems are integrated depends on your existing system landscape. The more data flows into the tool, the more comprehensive the insights about your customers and the individual touchpoints become.