Assign contents

The user should be provided with relevant content for him/her in every interaction with the company and actively guided through the individual phases of the customer journey.

For this reason, all content is assigned to a section on the Customer Journey. This makes it transparent where a potential customer is in the decision-making process. On the other hand, the user can be shown relevant content from the same or next phase of the Customer Journey.

Assignment of content to the phases of the Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is divided into four phases: Attract, Engage, Convert and Delight. The created content is now assigned to one of these phases and thus becomes a fixed part of the customer journey.


Selection of the customer journey phases


The phases can be delimited as follows:

  • Attract: arouse interest, broad introduction to the topic
  • Engage: Clear need, in-depth information
  • Convert: Ready to buy, offer appropriate options
  • Delight: After purchase, ongoing support and guidance

In order to optimally design the customer journey, several contents should be available per phase. In this way, users can put together their own customer journey within the given structure. This ensures a positive customer experience.

Assignment of tags

In addition to assigning content to the phases of the customer journey, each content can be provided with additional individual tags. These tags help to learn more about the customer in every interaction and to better anticipate their behavior. These tags are then summarized accordingly in the Customer Profile.


Contact Tags for specific content


What kind of classification the tags are based on is open, but here are some suggestions:

  • Products: What price range is addressed by the post?
    Example: Premium, Standard, Budget.
  • Sub Topic: What is the post about? What is the user interested in accordingly?
    Example: Geothermal probe for private homes
  • Persona: Which persona can the visitor be assigned to if he reads the article attentively
    Example: Paul Peters or Sandra Müller

Tip: Define a clear structure and possible characteristics of the tags in advance. This way you will not get lost in details and can draw clear conclusions.

The feature at a glance



  • Content is assigned to a customer journey phase
  • Content is provided with individual tags
  • Tags and Customer Journey Phase help to learn more about the potential customer