Every interaction between a customer and your website is recorded and evaluated in the Customer Profiles. This way, it is automatically determined which contact is interested in which content, and thus in which products.

Rate contacts

As is usual in lead management, contacts are evaluated and qualified according to their activities and characteristics. So you always know how far a contact has progressed in the customer journey. It is also possible to see what similarities the contact has with various offers. In this way, a Contact-Product-Fit can be calculated.


Classification of contact in Customer Journey


Assign products

In addition to the qualification of the contact, the extent to which a "fit" exists between a contact and a specific offer is measured. This means how current the subject matter is for the contact and how high the probability is that he will decide to buy such a product in the near future.

For this purpose, a check is carried out to determine the extent to which the contact and the product match in terms of subject matter. Furthermore, it is shown which specific sub-themes (and thus which perspectives) the contact is interested in detail.

This makes it clear what the contact is looking for and how you as a company can help him.


Contact-Product-Fit and specific interests

The feature at a glance



  • Determine product interest
  • Determine maturity level of the customer journey in relation to the product
  • Identify potential customers