Content Management

All content is prepared and published in the Content Hub. In this way, you can implement and continuously optimize your content strategy in just a few steps.

The Block Editor

The handling for creating new pages and content should be fast and easy. The Block Editor simplifies the maintenance and user-oriented preparation of content.

The blocks have a uniform structure and show how your content needs to be maintained in order to be displayed optimally. The content blocks can then be reused on other pages or even in e-mails, providing additional efficiency.

Content elements

To simplify the maintenance of content, a handful of elements are available. For example, videos, newsletter forms or other elements can be added to the page with just a few clicks and repositioned as desired.


Content elements for selection


Templates for different page types

In addition to the individual design using the Block Editor, we have prepared various standard templates for you, which meet the requirements of different page types. Thus each template has the minimum number and selection of elements that are of central importance for the respective page type.


Selection of templates for different page types


For example, if you want to get newsletter subscribers or new leads, the conversion page template will ensure that a corresponding form appears on the page. Each template can then be individually supplemented with additional elements.

The feature at a glance



  • Simplified content maintenance thanks to Block Editor
  • Helpful standard elements for efficient content management
  • Standard templates for successful content