Customer Profile

In the Customer Profile you can see at a glance which products and topics interest the customer and which content he has consumed and when.

Contact & usage data sensibly combined

A personal profile is created for each contact, which documents the path from lead to customer and reveals patterns of behavior. Within the framework of lead management, it is thus possible to see how far a contact has progressed in the customer journey and for which offers he or she is eligible.

360° Overview

In the Customer Profile, all the information on a contact converges in a central profile. The following information is visible:

  • Details: This information was provided by the contact himself. This includes the name and e-mail address. Contact tags are also listed here, which reflect the user's interest.
  • Product: This overview shows to what extent a contact corresponds to various (predefined) products or which offers are likely to be of interest to him or her.
  • Activity: The activity profile of this specific user is hidden behind this tab. Every single step or interaction that the user has ever done on the website is listed.


The details provide a compact profile of your own contacts. This is also where you can see how useful the specially set Contact Tags actually are or to what extent they need to be adapted.


Details Customer Profile



The product overview shows which products the user is interested in or which topics have the highest match rate and which offers are most likely to be considered.

In this way, it is possible to determine where the user's needs lie and which product best meets these needs before the first contact is made.


Product Customer Profile



In the activity overview all movements of the user on the website are recorded and collected chronologically. This way it can be traced in detail which action was performed when and how the customer journey of this one user looks like in detail.

At the level of the customer profile, it is indicated how many interactions the user has had in the course of the last month in order to provide a first insight into his level of involvement.


Activities Customer Profile

The feature at a glance



  • Interests and personal information at a glance
  • Contact-Product-Fit at a glance
  • Activity history at a glance