Keep contents up-to-date

Efficient project management is the key to success - using the Kanban Board helps to set the right priorities.

Project processes and tasks are visualized - in clearly arranged columns with individual entries that can be processed in sequence. So you can see at a glance what needs to be done and in which areas problems need to be solved.

How is the Kanban Board used at Aioma?

In our Content Hub, the Kanban Board is used to show the status of each page and its content. Depending on the status of the content, a page ends up in one of the following columns:

  • Todo
  • Draft
  • Review
  • Done

What exactly the individual columns have in common is shown below.


A new page has been created, but it has no content yet and has to be filled in first. If a page is in the todo column, this can be seen as a kind of to-do list of articles that should be created in the near future.


Detailed view Todo column



There is already content, but the page has not yet been published. At this point, you will also be informed whether the content meets the publication criteria and has been optimally prepared for publication.


Detailed view of the Draft column



If a content is published and the content has a good rating (green rating) there is nothing to complain about and nothing to do for the moment. So here are all contents listed, where there is no need for action.


Detail view column Done



Both before and after publication, a page can fall into the Review column. This means that the content has to be revised. This may be due to the fact that mentioned links are no longer up to date, there is too little text or images or similar. In the review column you can see what needs to be optimized to get the page back into the Done column.


Detailed view of the Review column


With the help of the Kanban Board, your content only needs minimal manual checking. As soon as a content exceeds a certain time limit or a detail, such as an external link, changes, the page moves to the review column with the corresponding information about what needs to be revised.

The Content Hub thus helps you to keep your content up-to-date and to optimize it at regular intervals.

The feature at a glance



  • Determine the state of health of content
  • Receive clear error messages
  • Clear priorities and To Do list