Social Sequencing

To ensure that your content is seen by your target group and generates traffic to your website, social media articles should be published regularly. With Social Sequencing, contributions can be easily planned and published in a coordinated manner.

Connecting channels

With our Marketing Automation Software you can connect your social media profiles with a few clicks. This allows you to create, plan and publish different posts centrally from one tool.

Post articles regularly

The basic idea of Content Marketing is not only to regularly post new relevant articles, but also to actively optimize existing content and to constantly publish new aspects of a content. In this way, existing content is really used to the maximum and various needs are met.

Generate Social Sequences automatically

With the Content Distribution Module, individual blocks of content can be easily processed into social media contributions and published at specific times. This way you can ensure that your content is seen and read by your target group.

You also have the possibility to write and publish completely free articles.

New Sequence

Create a new Sequence

The feature at a glance



  • Central planning and implementation of social posts
  • Automatic composition of posts
  • Overview of past and future posts