Display Topic Cluster

Topic clusters are becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is the changed search behavior of users. The times in which abstract search terms were the basis for online research are over. Today, users search for a particular topic with specific search queries.

Google, too, is now able to understand the user's search intention and context, and accordingly presents in the search result page (SERP) the results that best serve the specific query.

What does this have to do with topic clusters?

It is simply not possible to map the multitude of perspectives, needs and requests with only one content. The solution is therefore to build up comprehensive topic clusters around a specific topic that you as a company know a lot about.

The focus of a topic cluster is thus an overarching theme. This is also known as a pillar. The purpose of a pillar is to provide an overview of the sub-areas of a topic and to bundle and structure different perspectives of a topic.


Pillar Page with detail pages for different perspectives


Additional content is created around the Pillar to meet the specific search queries and needs of the various users. Among other things, it must be taken into account how far advanced the users are in the customer journey and what level of knowledge they have.

How can such a topic structure be displayed?

To make it clear which topics belong to a topic cluster, the contents in our Content Hub are displayed exactly in this structure. This means that a comprehensive topic is defined for the Pillar Page (overview page). In addition, specific topics are defined for the individual detail pages, which treat the topic from different perspectives.

It is important that all aspects are visible from the overview page. On the one hand, all relevant pages are listed in a table of contents. Furthermore, all contents are linked from the Pillar Page.


Table of contents with listing of all relevant subtopics


The situation is similar with the subpages: To make it clear to both the user and Google that this is a comprehensive topic with a wide range of content, the detail pages each link back to the overview page.


Internal teaser with reference to comprehensive topic


In order to complete the comprehensive topic, it is also ensured that the detailed pages are linked to each other and actively guide the user through his customer journey.

The feature at a glance



  • Enables the creation of topic clusters
  • Assigns content to a specific comprehensive topic (Pillar)
  • Signals expertise to users and Google