How you can filter, export, view details, product interests and activities of your contacts, is visible in this article.

Contact list overview

Contacts Overview-1

On the "Contacts" tab you will find a complete list of your contacts.

In the overview list, you can already see the following information about your contacts in the preview:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of the last activity
  • Date of contact creation

Filter contacts

To further organize this overview list, you can filter it by pressing the "Filter" button at the top right of the window.

Filter Contacts-1

A filter menu will appear, which allows you to filter the contacts according to the following criteria:

  • Activities from - to (date)
  • Contact created from - to (date)
  • Phase of the contact in the Customer Journey (Attract, Engage, Convert, Delight)
  • Product of interest
  • Tags related to the contact
  • On which page the contact was converted

Export contacts

The entire or filtered contact list can be exported by clicking the "Export" button at the top right of the window.

Contacts Export-1

Afterwards, you will receive an email with the contact list as a download file.

Export Email-1

Contact profile

To obtain more information about a particular contact, you can click on the name and you will enter the contact's profile.

Contact details

In the "Details" section you can review the following information about the contact:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Tags associated with the contact
  • The relevant products and the percentage of their relevance to the contact
  • The number of activities in the last month

Contact products

Contact Products-1

In the "Products" section, you can see for each product on the Content Hub which relevance this product has for the contact. The higher the percentage, the higher the relevance.

Furthermore, the number of topics that have been opened for this product along with the number of conversions (based on lead magnets) that have taken place, is visible. The number of emails received can also be seen. All this information helps the system determine in which phase of the customer journey the contact is (Attract, Engage, Convert, Delight).

"Relevant Topics" also shows exactly which articles the contact has read and how relevant these articles are for him.

Contact Activities

In the "Activity" section you can track all the contact's activities.

You can exactly see when and which article was read, which email was sent, and which documents were downloaded.

The structure is chronological and also shows activities that the contact has undertaken on the Content Hub prior to the conversion.