Create a Pillar Page

Inside the Aioma Content Hub you can structure and present your product portfolio. To do this, you need to create pages. Here you will learn how.

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 13.47.28

The screenshot above shows a Content Hub - each box displays a product line that you can populate with content and information.

pillarpage  Create new Pillar Page

Tip: Create the subpages and their titles before filling in the pillar page. The content of the subpages does not need to be added immediately. This will help you during the creation of the Pillar page by enabling to link each "Connected page section" to an existing subpage without forgetting a page or having to go back to the Pillar page to optimize it when the subpages are created.

The topic page or also called Pillar Page is the center of the whole topic. Here, in a further step, all subpages such as Traffic Pages, Option Pages, and Conversion Pages are linked.

To create a new topic page (Pillar page) click on "Create topic page" in the upper right corner. Next, a window will appear containing a selection of topic pages. Select the page type that suits you and then click select a template.

Then click on "Define outline" at the bottom right.

Now define the title of your page and the keywords you want to link to it.

Next, a page appears with an empty Pillar Page, Traffic Page, Opinion Page and Conversion Page. The goal is now to fill these with relevant titles and then texts.

The Pillar Page itself (with the pillarpage pillar page sign) is then filled with content just like the subpages

When creating the Pillar Page, the following should be considered:

  • Connected page section

This section, as already mentioned, is intended to link each subpage in the Pillar Page.
Each Connected page section will appear in the final Pillar Page preview with a title and an image. Therefore it is important to link the most important subpages here.
This is done by clicking on "Add new connected page section" and selecting one of the existing pages that can be linked. When one is selected, click on "Connect Page". In the Rich Text field insert a text to the page and link a suitable word in the text to the subpage. After that you should add a teaser using the "Add new element" function.
This process is repeated until all subpages are linked.

  • External link connection

In a Pillar Page at least one link to an external page must be made. This could, for example, lead to your website.

A newsletter form should be inserted on each pillar page.

Page settings

How to correctly configure the page settings such as SEO, Customer Journey and Promotion and then publish the page you can be reviewed here.