Find out how your articles can be distributed on various channels.

The Distribution tab is located in the menu on the left.

When you select it, you will first redirected to the calendar. Here you will find an overview of the planned social media posts and mailings; such as newsletter mailings. The title of the article and the social media channel on which the post will be shared are visible in the preview.

At the top left, you can select a filter to sort the social media posts by product, page and social media channel. This way you always keep the big picture in mind.


Social Media Tab

The Social Media tab (top left) contains a list of social media posts that are in Draft, Active, or Past status. The posts are sorted by calendar week (CW). Icons in front of the date show on which platforms the post will be published.

At the top right of the window you will see the "Add post" button. When this button is clicked, a window opens in which you can select an article using the drop-down menu.

We distinguish between (semi)-automated sequences and single posts.

If you select "Single post", only one (1) post will be created. Beyond that, the functions are the same as for a sequence.

If you select "Automated post sequencing" and select a topic page, after that all articles of that page will be created as social media posts. In the example below, we can see that 7 posts were created with this feature. Each post can still be adjusted with the desired hashtags and content. The post text under "Content" is created automatically and is based on the title, subtitle and quotes that appear in the article. Hashtags are also automatically generated based on the keywords you have defined earlier.

If you set the "Set as draft" switch on "on", the post will first be saved as a draft and not published yet. If you do not want to send an article as a post, you can delete it completely under "Delete".

Under "Publish on" you can simply select on which channels the post should be published. For example, simply remove the Facebook checkmark and the post will only appear on the other two channels.

"Publish date" indicates when the article will be published. Sequences are created so that the respective posts are one week apart. If you delete a post in the middle, you should remember to adjust the publish dates so that there is no interruption. The date and time can be changed by clicking on it and changing it in the window that appears.

At the top left of the "General" tab, the individual social media channels are shown as separate tabs. Here you can take a look at the post as a preview before you finally approve it.

When all posts are designed, the "Create posts" button appears in the bottom right corner. When clicked, all posts will be created as they were written and edited.

Distribution Mailings Tab



On the "Distribution" tab there is another tab, namely the "Mailings" tab in the upper left corner. If you select this tab you can see previously sent mailings in the "past" area on the top right, the current to be sent mailings in the "active" area and the drafted mailings in the "draft" area.

To create a new mailing, such as a newsletter, select "add mailing" at the top right of the page. Then select the main featured article of the mailing from the dropdown menu. Also select the language of the mailing from the "language" dropdown menu. Click on "create mailing".

In the new window, enter the text to be included in the mailing. Text personalization features such as @firstName or @lastName can be added. In the "Call to action button text", you can add a catchy phrase, such as "learn more", that the reader can press to access the article on your blog. Choose a subject for the mailing.

Page teasers: Page teasers (maximum 5) can be defined in the last section of the mailing. These articles will be displayed at the end of the mailing as "other articles that might interest you". If they are not selected, Aioma will automatically suggest suitable articles for each reader. This personalized feature it is therefore advantageous if it is left empty, since the Software is smart enough to suggest those articles that will bring each reader further in their personal customer journey.

Test mail: Send a test mail to yourself to preview the final result.

Scheduling: Turn off the "set as draft" option and select the date and time you want the mailing to be released. Select "save".

Back in the "Calendar" view of the "Distribution" tab, you can see the preview of the scheduled newsletter or mailing.

Delete: You can delete an unsent mailing by selecting it and clicking the trash can icon at the top right of the page.