Creating a Subpage

How to create a subpage? This question is answered here step by step

You can start creating your content in the "Editor" section. First use the already empty subtopic pages to fill them with content. After that, you can create more subpages. Select "Create page" in the upper right corner and choose one of the 3 different subpage types. Subsequently, you may choose a template that fits to the planned text.

The following example shows an empty Opinion page.

The elements of the page are explained below:

  1. Title and description: At the top of the page you can define a title and a short description for your article.
  2. In the "General" section, a cover image can be added by dragging and dropping. An image must be uploaded for each article; else, the article won't be published. In the "Settings" section of the image, you must add an image name / description. This name helps find the article better on search engines and appears when scrolling over the image with the mouse.
  3. In the "Content page section" the first text module / paragraph of the article is added.
  4. You can add more elements and choose between text, images, videos, teasers and many more elements. You can find a detailed description of Lead Magnets here.

Each subtopic page should either be built into the Pillar Page as a Connected Page section or have a teaser in the Pillar Page. The better the different pages are linked, the faster the page will be found online.


Next to the title and the description you will find the block "Autopilot status". This shows you which changes you should still undertake, in order to obtain an article that can develop the desired effect. For example, if a hyperlink is broken, this will be indicated in the error messages ("Errors").

Fact: As long as a title image is included in the article and no link error appears, the page can be published.

Page settings

How to correctly configure the page settings such as SEO, Customer Journey and Promotion and then publish the page you can learn here.