What is Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)?

Mobile payment, electronic tickets, boarding passes, mobile banking, in-app payments, location-based services, loyalty cards. Mobile commerce is a natural evolution of e-commerce.

3d-illustration-mobile-payment-and-online-order-D2NQB9EMobile commerce, also called mCommerce, encompasses all monetary transactions conducted via a mobile device. It is an evolution of e-commerce that allows people to buy and sell goods or services from almost anywhere, simply mobile. While m-commerce covers a wide range of transactions, here we categorize two types of m-commerce:

  1. Mobile Shopping: Online shopping behavior via a mobile device. Mobile shopping stands out with mobile-optimized websites, dedicated apps, and even social media platforms.
  2. Mobile payment: There are numerous mobile payment options that can be used instead of cash. Mobile payments can be made through e-wallets or other payment apps (in-app payments), but also online transfers through a mobile device are considered mobile payments.