Welcome to Aioma!

Why Aioma? For whom is the software useful? And what can it do? Here you can find the answers to the basic questions.

Why Aioma?

Good content is time-consuming and expensive. But successful B2B companies know that content marketing is one of the most effective methods of engaging leads in the buying process and winning them over as new customers. That's why they plan content throughout the entire customer journey. But even they find it extremely difficult to create good content. Why?

  1. It is extremely difficult to analyze content, in order to identify what actually works
  2. There is no specific content plan to occupy a topic and
  3. Lack of time and know-how to write high-quality content on a regular basis.

The result: leads do not move forward along the customer journey. Even worse, they leave the website and proceed to the competition.

Aioma solves exactly this problem for you!

Aioma is the AI-powered software that ensures you rapidly avail relevant content along the entire customer journey without additional resources. The AI creates a content plan with concrete article outlines - you just order the required content with 1 click.

In this way, we help B2B companies to publish entire topic worlds within a few days, which delight their leads and ensure more conversions. Small Marketing teams get 100x more done with the same resources.

For whom is Aioma designed for?

The AI-powered software is designed for B2B companies that want to answer the typical questions in the buying process with great content, preventing leads from churning to competitors.

The goal: AI-powered B2B content marketing without additional resources and high investments.

How does the Aioma software work?

  1. Content Performance Report: Aioma analyzes how website visitors interact with your content and how well your content performs. 
  2. AI-generated Content Plan: Based on this, an AI-generated content plan is created that already contains drafts of articles. 
  3. Content Shop: Order articles and entire topic worlds with one click in the Content Shop.

Why should our company create a blog?

To attract more readers to your company and therefore to your products.

Your website already focuses on your product. However, a blog or magazine serves to create a more neutral perspective around the subject matter - topics that are associated with the product. This is especially important for readers who are not yet at the point of deciding to make a purchase.

Remember that the majority of B2B buyers do their research on the Internet before making an investment. That's why it's so important that you answer the questions in your leads' buying process with good and relevant content.

Do I need to transfer my blog to Aioma?

No, this is not necessary. You can continue to enter and publish content in your existing CMS. You can still use the features of Aioma. However, we recommend you to use the Content Hub of Aioma. Because this is specially designed for the Pillar Page concept: You have one main page that links to the individual sub-pages. 

The Content Hub

The Content Hub is where the creation and categorization of the blog's theme world takes place. The world of topics is presented in such a way that you can be found by potential customers via search engines.

Learn more about creating your Content Hub here: