Marketing Autopilot

Convert contacts to customers automatically

Monitor performance

Simplified monitoring through clear KPIs and intelligent content verification.

Automated communication

A smart e-mail communication with constantly new and complementary contents to the current knowledge of the contacts.

Appropriate contents

A personalized customer journey with the right content for every need.

Cross- & Up-Selling

An automated qualification of your customers for further product categories and services.

"We support B2B decision makers in overcoming the complexity of marketing automation and implementing a pilot project within 10 days."

Marketing Autpilot

Smart Marketing Automation

The smart autopilot enables a consistently positive customer experience and clear KPIs.

  • Active guidance through the Customer Journey
  • Personalized communication
  • Clear performance overview

Supply the Marketing Automation software with content and let the autopilot take over.

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Marketing Automation

Ensure an automated customer trip that fits every customer profile.

What is Marketing Automation?

How can Marketing Automation be used in daily B2B business?

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