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Are you also missing valuable users and regular streams of visitors on your online platform? Then you are like many other B2B companies.

Lack of visitors and high costs

Your company website is finally live. Texts have been written, pictures shot and a nice design has been created. The contents were published, you are officially "live". But somehow your potential customers don't really seem to find the site and the big rush of visitors is missing.

That's how many B2B companies feel. And not only when launching a new website, but also after many months of experimenting and analyzing. The traffic does not really come as expected and can apparently only be won with expensive ads. This is not how you had imagined it.



Extract from the Aioma survey


In a survey (in German) of the biggest challenges in online marketing, we found that as many as 58% of B2B companies suffer from lack of traffic and poor quality.

Customer-specific content required

Bringing potential customers to your website is not an easy task. However, there are two factors that determine whether or not your online presence will be successful in the long term.

  • First, the content that a B2B company provides online often does not meet the expectations and needs of potential customers. They use different terms (keywords) and deal with topics that are of little relevance to the clientele. Consequently, content is presented that visitors are not interested in at all or that simply does not fit their current context.
  • The second factor is the publication cycle. Content is often prepared for a launch, shared once for the go-live and then left behind. Either a potential customer is interested in this very topic at this very moment or he has missed his chance.

For organic visitor growth, new, relevant content must be published regularly. In this process, existing content can also be updated and redistributed. It is important that the content solves a problem of a specific target group and that Google notices which topics you know well. In this way, your website can gradually work its way up in the search results and your customers are regularly provided with interesting content.


B2B Marketing CMI

Extract from the study by CMI / MarketingProfs


A study by CMI / MarketingProfs shows that 93% of all successful companies regularly publish personalized, i.e. customized content.

Regularly attract visitors with content marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach that focuses on creating relevant content for specific target groups and thus building a long-term customer relationship. Content marketing does not start with purchase-relevant topics, but much earlier, during the search for information.

As with any form of customer contact, it is important to know the needs of the target group well and to address the right topics accordingly. What moves your target group? How can you help them to achieve their goals?

To ensure that your content does not remain unused, as is the case with 60% of B2B companies, you need a tool that allows you to publish content on a regular and controlled basis. A Content Hub is suitable for this purpose.

With a Content Hub you can maintain and check your content in a standardized way and plan the publication. In this way, your potential customers are provided with exciting, unique content again and again.

With the help of relevant content, you actively guide your customers through the buying process and ensure that they have a coherent and consistently positive encounter with your brand. This perception of your content and the associated assessment of your company is also called content experience.

We are happy to help you create relevant content and create a unique customer experience.

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