Our mission

Aioma helps small B2B marketing teams to achieve great results

We help B2B companies to publish entire topic worlds in the shortest time, which engage their (potential) customers and generate more conversions. Marketing teams can do 100x more with the same resources thanks to Aioma.

Our Most Important Asset: Our Crew

About the Team

We are a Zurich-based company specializing in B2B content marketing and artificial intelligence. Our mission: 100x more efficient content marketing using AI.

Denise Posch-Aldrian

Customer Success Manager

Luka Malic

Sales Manager

Laura Maeder
Laura Mäder

Content Experience Manager

Tomàs Avendaño

Office & Finance Manager

Andraž Jalovec


Anto Čabraja


Ivan Adutskevich


Frane Lukin


Raffaele Sandrini


Luka Svalina
Luka Svalina


Valentin Binnendijk
Valentin Binnendijk

Founder & CPO

Marc Gasser
Marc Gasser

Founder & CEO

Our Values

Everything we do is based on our values

Our company values represent an important part of our corporate identity. They are not only the cornerstones of our corporate culture, but also serve as the foundation for our decisions in our daily work.


We empower ourselves and our customers to reach the full potential.


We give everything to create the best possible product and help our customers with it.


We love our product and are passionate about improving it every day.


We challenge the status quo and solve difficult problems in an efficient, impact-oriented and open-minded manner.

And the Result...

Happy Customers & Healthy Companies

Partners & Investors

Always Ahead of the Game with the Right Wingmen

Only with a great team and the right wingmen, the plane can be kept in the air.

  • Elpro Buchs AG

  • Quantex AG - Spectravest

  • Popup Office AG - Flexoffice

  • Findea AG - Taxea

  • Venturelab AG

  • JK Development GmbH

  • SEMSEA Suchmaschinenmarketing AGAG

  • Storylead AG



  • Jeremias Meier

  • Martin Peter

  • Spicehaus AG

  • Kurt Lambert

  • Peter Fanconi


Become a Part of our Mission

We are convinced that the success of a company is based on the success of its customers. We believe that companies can grow with heart and conscience - accordingly we have created a solution for this.

Wow Moments

We empower our clients, with small marketing & sales teams, to achieve great things.


Personal responsibility in an innovative environment.

Come as you are

Passion and motivation - everything else follows.

Lifelong Learning

Individual coaching for personal and professional development.

Life & Sweat

Result-oriented and flexible working hours. An office in the up-and-coming Kreis 5 near the Limmat for sports and leisure.

To our job offers

Start your Content Marketing Machine

Growth on Autopilot

Aioma helps B2B marketing teams achieve 100x more without additional resources and expensive investments.

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"Business processes have been accelerated together with Aioma and data quality has been increased, significantly reducing process costs"

"The Aioma solution is a great help! Content management is very intuitive and requires no training."

"We have already achieved the return on investment in 6 months after the launch. It was worth it even though Aioma was not the lowest cost provider."

"60,000 contacts in one year!"

"Aioma has doubled conversion from online visitors to paying customers."

"2-times silver in the categories Business & Marketing and 2-times bronze in the categories Innovation & Usability "for the first prototype of Aioma"

Asked Questions.

Can I apply for a position just like that?

We strongly recruit new crew members according to our values. Do these match? Then come as you are.

Can I work with you remotely?

We work in a results-oriented manner and have flexible working hours - remote work can also fit in if the motivation is right.

Can I participate in the success as a team member?

We offer an attractive performance-related compensation package (including team bonus or equity participation).

Take off with Aioma

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