Price Plans

The Software-as-a-Service model enables you to choose the package that fits your needs. Achieve greatness through fully automated and data-driven content and email marketing.

For interested customers from the EU, please see our prices in Euro here.

Aioma Software Preispläne

  • Be Found Online
    Topic-based knowledge portal
  • Demand generation / SEO
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Content Management
    Use existing content related to your products to reach more visitors. Order additional SEO content and be found by potential customers via search engines.
  • Articles writing
  • Whitepapers creation
  • Access to professional authors
  • Multi-language
  • Content Distribution
    Send personalized newsletters and publish regular social media posts without your intervention. More reach for your content.
  • Contacts import
  • Email marketing autopilot
  • Social media marketing autopilot
  • Customer Profiles
    See what products and information your prospects are interested in and what social media and email posts your leads are responding to. Approach your contacts exactly when they are ready to buy.
  • Number of contacts
  • Lead tracking
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead qualification
  • Reports
    Receive reports on your marketing performance so you know what content and newsletters are effective and where you can improve.
  • Interface (API)
    Interface to your existing systems


Email & Social Media Automation


  • Topic-based knowledge portal
  • Content Hub for 1 Product
  • 1 newsletter and 10 posts per month
  • 1 personalized newsletter per month
  • 10 posts per month
  • Complete view of customers
  • Up to 1'000
  • Basic Report


Lead Generation incl. Content Creation


  • Topic-based knowledge portal
  • Content Hub for up to 2 products
  • Content writing of 10 articles
  • Unlimited mailings and posts
  • Complete view of customers
  • Unlimited
  • Advanced Reporting


The additional Boost incl. CRM Integration

Upon Request

  • Topic-based knowledge portal
  • Content Hub for all products
  • Content writing of 20 articles
  • Unlimited mailings und posts
  • Complete view of customers
  • Unlimited
  • Advanced Reporting

Additional Features and Services

You don't have to do it alone. Award-winning onboarding teams support you with the configuration, methodology, and making sure you're getting the most out of your business.

Choose from additional features and services to help your content reach an even broader audience and result in better qualified leads.

Checkup & Onboarding

Website, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing checkup. 1 workshop for the creation of the content strategy incl. content plan (depending on price plan between CHF 3'000 and CHF 8'000)

Content Writing (10 new Articles)

Additional SEO content on informative topics according to content marketing plan. The service includes a briefing to the journalist network, a review iteration and adding the articles in he software (one-time CHF 5'000).

Content Writing Subscription (12 Months)

Additional SEO content on informative topics according to Content Marketing Plan. The service includes briefing the journalist network, a review iteration and adding the articles in the software (monthly CHF 400 / article).

Content Migration (10 existing contents)

Revising and implementing existing content related to products and topics according to the Content Marketing Plan. (one-time CHF 5'000).

Lead Magnet

Content that converts. A whitepaper or e-book on an informative topic according to the content marketing plan. Including a review iteration and the implementation into the software (CHF 5'000 / Lead Magnet).


Reach more leads through the Multi-Language feature (automatic translation by Deepl) CHF 1'000 / month per language.

Ad Management

Reach more leads automatically through Paid Ads via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn (CHF 1'000 / month). Exclusive Ad Spend.

Ad Retargeting

Reach more leads automatically through retargeting (CHF 1'000 / month). Exclusive Ad Spend.

Integrations & API

Interface to your CRM - HubSpot, SAP S/4HANA, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce (from CHF 500 / month).

Smart Forms

Improved data quality through individual forms (CHF 500 / month).

asked questions.

Do I require the one-time configuration and onboarding?

All new Aioma customers require an initial configuration and customized onboarding to get properly started. The methodology is about much more than just using software - it's about mastering B2B marketing and transforming your business so that your customers love your marketing.

Are there additional costs for sending Emails?

No. Your emails sending limit is based on the number of products you purchase. If you want to send more, you can purchase more products or buy the Unlimited Email Sending add-on.

Are there any other additional fees?

Aioma's pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business. It is recommend to purchase the plan that matches your usage level. If your products or email requires growth over time, you'll need to purchase additional products to accommodate that growth. If you exceed the number of products included in your tier, you will automatically be upgraded to the next pricing tier during the current billing period. For transparency, you will always be notified when you are approaching the limit of your price plan tier.