Winning new customers every day with Marketing Automation

Segment contacts by interest

The Aioma software registers which content your contacts are interested in and creates comprehensive customer profiles.

Automated communication

With the autopilot, interested parties are introduced step by step to a purchase transaction. 

Easy integration

Thanks to the ready-made software and practical interfaces, the Aioma solution is integrated quickly and efficiently.

Individual Customer Journey

Every customer is individual and receives a personalized decision process with the Aioma software.


Choose between three price models to suit your needs.



CHF1000/ Month

CHF12000/ Year

Pilot projekt

Up to 5000 contacts

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CHF2000/ Month

CHF24000/ Year

3 product categories

Up to 20000 contacts

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CHF4000/ Month

CHF48000/ Year

Unlimited use

API connection

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"We support B2B decision makers in overcoming the complexity of marketing automation and implementing a pilot project within 10 days."

Take off with marketing automation

Creating digital touchpoints

Qualifying contacts

Automate communication & processes

Creating efficiency


What is Marketing Automation?

How to use Marketing Automation to boost efficiency.

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