B2B Lead Nurturing on Autopilot

Aioma Features

The Aioma Autopilot is equipped with the latest technology, simple reporting and helps you take your website contacts on a journey and land them as customers.

Find out which functions the Autopilot can take over for your B2B marketing. 

3 Hubs and a Lot of Features in One Software

Content Hub

- Content Plan & Kanban Workflow
- Content-as-a-Service
- Editor with Recommendations to Optimize
- Conversion Elements
- Content Performance Reports

Lead Nurturing

- Data Driven Marketing
- Content Categorization along Customer Journey
- Personalized Email Marketing
- Automated Social Media Sequencing
- AI-powered Content Recommendations

Lead Scoring

Contact Profile with Behaviour Tracking
- Automated Segmentation & Lead Qualification
- Next Gen Lead Scoring
- Analytics & Reporting Dashboard
- Lead Funnel Reports

more Features

- Mehrsprachigkeit
- GDPR conform
- diverse CRM Integrations
- easy and fast Onboarding



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Content Hub

95% of B2B buyers choose the provider with the better content experience. Engage your website visitors and identify their interests with relevant content.

Content Plan & Kanban Workflow

Your content planning and management is made simple and clear by a Kanban board per pillar page.


So that you can get started quickly and inspire your leads online with suitable content, we and our network of authors are happy to support you with content creation.

Editor with Optimization Suggestions

The Aioma Content Editor has a modular structure. This gives you maximum flexibility with a clear structure. The editor automatically checks your content for SEO optimization potential and informs you when an article should be revised.

Conversion Elements

In your articles you can easily place lead magnets with forms, buttons, links or our Read Next widget and thus increase the conversion rates and the engagement of your leads.

Content Performance Reports

In your content board, you can see at a glance how well your different content is performing and where you still have potential for optimization.

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Lead Nurturing

75% of your leads are not ready to buy. We make sure that you stay in touch with your leads until they are ready to buy without much manual effort.

Data Driven Marketing

Increase your efficiency in the management of your online channels by planning measures based on simply prepared and meaningful performance data. This is the only way to achieve continuous improvement for better leads and more sales.

Content Categorization along the Customer Journey

Only those who provide content throughout the entire customer journey can win over a lead as a customer at an early stage and at the right time. So that you know when you should send which information to your contact, all your content is mapped to the customer journey.

Personalized Email mMarketing

Send your leads and customers newsletters with personalized salutations and individual content recommendations from your topic worlds. Best of all, newsletters only take a few minutes of your time and are hyper-personalized!

Automated Social Media Sequencing

The modular structure of your articles makes it possible to automatically play out social media posts via your company profile or personal profiles. You can sit back and still stay top-of-mind with your leads.

AI-powered Content Recommendations

The Read Next widget intelligently directs your website visitors to relevant pages. So not only do you provide a great customer experience and increase dwell time on your website, but you can also lead your leads through the customer journey faster.


Lead Scoring

68% of B2B companies have some form of lead scoring, but only 40% also see added value! With our method you get a 3D lead profile and a meaningful scoring model.

Contact Profiles with Behavioural Tracking

De-anonymize your website visitors and identify the interests of your leads with our behavioural tracking. Of course, all this is DSGVO-compliant.

Automated Segmentation and Lead Qualification

Based on behavioural tracking, we not only assign your leads to the current phase of the customer journey, but also evaluate the contacts using a relevance score and the various interest scores.

Next Gen Lead Scoring

In the customer profile of your lead you will not only find all activities but also a meaningful 3D lead scoring. You can see at a glance how well the contact matches your Ideal Profile.

Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

The Analytics Dashboard does not require any configuration on your part. The most important metrics are visible for you and your entire team. The views can be refined with various filters so that you can draw the right conclusions for your marketing & sales tactics.

Lead Funnel Reports

The Lead Funnel Report not only shows you where your contacts are on the customer journey, but also the lead velocity. You can see how fast your leads are moving through the funnel and can quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in lead nurturing and prospecting.