Alferano: Tailored suits and tailored Online Shop


Alferano, the biggest Swiss custom tailoring company, planned to establish a comprehensive website and online shop. Moreover, new and innovative ways in the area of digital customer retention should be taken into consideration. The analyses of the purchasing processes should play a central part in long-term development and provide information on the wants of e-commerce customers.


The website was tailor-made for the new Alferano brand. The spirit and fashion expertise have been conveyed in an aesthetically sophisticated way, and attention is drawn to tailor-made suits that are the symbol of open-mindedness and individuality.  The website in German, English, and French is equipped with a CMS and Shop System; an innovative analysis tool that enables revealing insights into purchasing processes and customers' wishes.


Launched as an own startup, it won the Best of Swiss Web Silver Award in Creation, which we then sold and integrated into Alferano Mode AG.