Competec Group: Online Shop


The goal of the Babymüller Company has always been to support parents in the best possible way and their online shop further facilitated this objective. The main challenge was to successfully integrate this into the more established brand which is one of the biggest B2C shops in Switzerland.


When implementing the first version in 2011, we were responsible for the requirements engineering and technical implementation of the front- and back-end. The new shop was given a modern and responsive front-end in summer 2014. The re-design was based on results from a web analytics study that showed that the relatively young target group wants to browse the shop on their mobile devices. Therefore, special attention was given to mobile front-end during the re-design.        Furthermore, the shop was supplemented with Babypedia to attract more visitors and potential customers with the help of dynamic product placement and content marketing.


The first version of babymü was implemented in 2011, within only two months, and developed successfully over time. The website was given a facelift after three years and was integrated into the portfolio of one of Switzerland’s largest online retailers.