Fujifilm: Online Shop Fuji.ch and online Magazine Fuji Create


Fujifilm (Switzerland) AG, an independent trading company and member of the CHROMOS Group, positions itself as a reliable partner in the photographic industry, medical industry and industry in general. The client required an online shop for Fujifilm’s diverse products, such as cameras, supplies, data carriers, photo books and prints, for B2B and B2C customers.


The analysis of the different customer groups led to a strict separation between the consumer and business area to better individualize the service and product offering. We developed a solution for the complex order procedures between the customers, suppliers and logistics and linked ERP and production to the shop, thereby automating most of the intermediate stages. The shop was elected as one of the 100 most valuable e-shops in Europe.


The shop was voted one of the 100 most important online shops due to its technical maturity.