Meier Tobler: E-Business Platform


With more than 100,000 products and modern logistics centers, Meier Tobler is the Swiss building technology leader. The company provides first class products and innovative services through an online store which is among the ten best-selling B2B shops in Switzerland. Meier Tobler AG aimed to further strengthen cooperation with customers and partners by investing in the technologies of the future. The mandate was to address all stakeholders individually and in a more targeted way across all touchpoints during the customer journey.


The individual stakeholders are guided to the desired touchpoints. The behavior of the users (service customers, planners, installers) and influencers (architects, general contractors, clients, prospective customers) is consistently mapped and optimized throughout the customer journey. The most important development step was to connect the existing systems and touchpoints: a modern website, several landing pages, an individual newsletter, an online shop - all integrated into the existing peripheral systems CRM, PIM and SAP. Thus, the customer data is consistently tracked and improved to finally enable targeted, optimized communication.


With more than CHF 100 million in sales and an online share of more than a third of all orders, Meier Tobler AG is not only one of the ten top-selling B2B shops in Switzerland, but is now also at the forefront of digitized business processes.